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Vetta 2 speaker outputs


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I have two marshall 4x12 cabinets would like to run them in stereo to Vetta II head, hooking up the mono 16 ohm side of each of the cabinets. Can someone tell me if the Vetta II speaker outputs are in parallel? Do I set the ouput switch to 8 ohms if running two 16 ohm cabinets etc etc like a normal amp speaker ouputs are?



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I'll give it a try.  The manual says that the 2 'Left/Mono' jacks are wired in parallel (Page 3.9).  Also, page 4.47 states:


If you connect two cabinets that have the same impedance to the two left jacks of HD

or the two right jacks (but not one each to left and right), that side of Vetta’s power
amp will be connected to the speakers in parallel, and the result will be an ohm load
that is one half of the impedance of one speaker cabinet alone. For instance, if two 16
ohm 4x12 cabinets are connected to the left outputs (or the right ones) of Vetta HD,
the impedance of the combined cabinet setup is 8 ohms, and you should set the Vetta
HD rear panel 4/8/16 OHM switch to 8 ohms in order to match.


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