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Pod X3 Live No Sound And Display Is Just Yellow.


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Check the On/Off switch on the device; it may be loose.


Otherwise you can try to reflash the memory after powering up in Safe Mode. Read the last Question in this document first......


Failing that your X3 needs servicing:

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Thanks for the help. But it looks like its time to take it in for service.


I'll use the original XT Live , I'am glad i still have it, until i get the X3 repaired


Thanks again for the help.



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I had the same problem. After inspection I observed that the small spool of wire had come loose from the board (part 221 in vulgaris73 post)and one of the wires came un-soldered. I re-soldered the wire and the unit is working OK. If you are not experienced with soldering I recommend you take your unit to an electronics repair shop or send it in for service.

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