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Any body Tried this yet? ie: you can use Stage View and Fader View together

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this is on the


Fader View is available on the StageScape M20d display as well as the StageScape Remote iPad app. For the best of both worlds, you can use Stage View and Fader View together. For example, set StageScape M20d to Stage View and your iPad to Fader View and bank through faders simply by touching icons on the stage. It’s a faster, more intuitive experience than you get with other digital consoles.


sounds cool, never thought about it.

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Seeing your post Jim gave me an inspiration last night at an outing I did with a SKA band.


I tend to set trim levels one by one then get the band to perform a full song, typically one which has a good balance across all inputs (ie all backing vox in play etc) and record the track.


We then do an intial mix in headphones befor doing a playback check through mains.


The inspiration was to do the initial mix at the M20 but have the iPad open on the Recording screen so we could quickly advance, rewind without having to change screens on the M20. Worked a treat and I can't believe I'd not thought of it before.


So, thanks for the clue Jim :-)

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