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  1. I recently used a stomp with 2 108's in a garage practice and 108's sounded great at reasonable sound bass & drummer. I had plenty of volume left over but didn't need it. I did have the b3 organ synth going in the return of the stomp and out to the 108's and it was very nice. They are easy to load and I have used them on loud stage when running sound too, I threw one up at ear level, near the sax player, and another time pointed at the B3 player and they were happy - it was a quick easy fix. Also the bass push button is not needed for what I do, gets too muddy. Whatever I do, the stomp & the 108's were always with me even if just as backup & I would often just run the organ synth through the 108's in stereo as a stage monitor
  2. groovedggr

    Headrush FRFR

    I have helix going into 1 power cab+ and it sounds really great for guitar amp in room after I turn helix cabs and IR off but need a stereo guitar rig for live shows and want to also use guitar synth so I would like to hear more about the FRFR108 and if you use in stereo. The FRFR108 - Cant go wrong with size weight and price, Right now for my stereo side I am using effect return on boss katana with all knobs at 0 and it seems to match up OK with the powercab+ on the other side
  3. yes if you have the stagesource speakers which have the 32 band eq. it's great I love it for my small band. I don't think the yamaha mixers with more inputs can access the 32 band eq in the stagesource speakers yet so ??
  4. I like to use 2 on the floor occasionally but not too far behind me - i use them kind of like a side fill - good at lower volume gigs with just vocals and the band can hear the main vocals good and guitars and bass can then adjust the stage volume to match.
  5. I have a helix and the looper does not have enough time. Not sure about the HX effects, but would be nice if the looper had mor time on this- any thoughts?
  6. I just started using the Helix in stereo into 2 Katana 100 in the effects returns and it sounds great. It's lighter than the Line6 L2t and unless I need the mic inputs from the l2t's , I will just use Katana - I like the brightness of Katana.
  7. yes I love to just use my ears. But on snapshots, the output block shows the same number on each snapshot even though the sound level changes drastically.... can I adjust a snapshot to a different number on each snapshot output block without having to use the HX Edit?
  8. I put Helix away for awhile and picked back up after the 2.30 upgrade and have paid for and downloaded many custom presets that sound good - until switching from snapshot to snapshot or from preset to preset. There's should be an easy way to adjust and save output levels to match. i do like some tones I get but is there a simple way without using computer to set my output levels? Very annoyed..
  9. So yes you are correct that's why I can't find the new amp presets after my upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3- because as you stated my full backup overwrote the presets I was hoping to checkout.
  10. I did a large multi room restaurant gig for couple years with M20d. I was using a stereo mic (sometimes sm58 mic) at front of stage - relatively close to drums and muting it from mains. I also did a DI from bass. Now use monitor out which was sent to the house PA for speakers in ceiling of other rooms. The fun part is using the iPad and go to other room to mix it. I had best results mixing ceiling speakers from men's room which had a speaker I could hear real clear.- but distance depends on wireless signal strength- I used 5G.
  11. they won't work on x32 like they do on m20d--they need the L6link. You could think about adding a sub -mixer for the drums / back line if the 12 inputs has become an issue- a cheap behringer for the drums or another stagescape-. I picked up a demo from GC at good price, - I have 2 iPads and assign one to each. but most gigs - i don't need 2 . I love the dreamstage but if you sell it - include the speakers -probably go quickly.
  12. I have l6 link cables for my stagescape mixer, so i use those with my L2ts. HOSA makes aes/ebu cables that work good and cost less
  13. The JTV 69s is great for me and it's nice to flip a switch and have new sound. The best think for me with Helix is the ability in Helix to assign the tone pot on variax to control the volume. in Helix I place volume pedal at the end of the chain. I can now easily turn my overall volume up or down without using foot pedal. I,m a volume nut and like to blend my stage volume with the drums and other musicians , so this is great for me, but you can assign anything you want and control it from either volume or tone port on the variax. I use a stagesource powered speakers for my PA and my Helix.
  14. I connected an ev5 and had problem but after adjusting min volume it was ok. Maybe I should try it again and see if it held good.
  15. Yea - I just bought JTV 69 and I had to trim the triple play mounting plate to squeeze the pickup between pickguard and bridge
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