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  1. I have the stagescape l3t speakers which I love, and want to keep , what I would like to know is if I sell my stagescape m20d and buy the behringer x32 will I still be able to set up the 32 channel eq in speaker. I like my mixer but now that line six has sold out to Yamaha . I think any updates for m20d are dead Yamaha will not answer emails on the m20d . Now I'm thinking of moving on . Can anyone answer this. Tks
  2. well i wondered what happened to the new way of mixing sounds, i have a stagescape m20d and love it but haven't had an update in a long time and now i hear Yamaha has bought them, that sucks, but i guess i should know better, they bring something out then just drop it. so sad well maybe its time to sell my stagescape and l3t speakers before i get stuck with something thats not being produced anymore. might look at personus now. i have this felling the line 6 amplify 150 amp is going to go the same way.. might sell that too, lol
  3. I also have problem loosing vocals while playing keep bringing it up to the point of feedback, not sure if I should have volume higher on mains and lower setting on vocals , I have tried everyone playing and do the auto trim , and try the setting sometimes it is worse with all the squealing . And then sometimes it says caution lower volume before accepting settings, should I nay use this with vocals?? And one last this. Is stagescape dead now are they going to have updates, new stagescape, ????
  4. Well after almost 2 years of banging head on wall with amplifi 150 with blue tooth connection and drop outs with FBV SHORT BOARD and almost selling amp. The new update is working great with no drop outs so far. I love this amp and now that it's working as intended I love it more. Long wait for fix. But thanks line6
  5. Maybe this might help I am going to try this myself,Try factory reset ,delete app then reinstall ,load new update 2.5 that was released 2 days ago,see what happens. And let me know Tks. Same problem with mine. Going to try mine Tuesday when I get home
  6. I am also having Bluetooth problems with amp. Right now I'm using fbv shortboard and it doesn't make a difference it cuts out , have to reboot amp. Tried resetting to factory and updating amp still looses connection . Tried with iPhone, iPad . Same results . Been like this since I got it about a year and a half ago tried everything I can think of and been told by line6 . Now they said I should send it in for repairs of course at my cost I said no because this has been a problem since new and have contacted line6 about this time after time. They told me to try update as far as I know 2.10 is the latest update unless I missed something. Waiting to see what there next response is.frustrated!!!
  7. Well got excited today about new update , loaded it tried it worked till Bluetooth dropped out again, I can't understand how they cannot fix this , or can't be bothered too. Thought new update would but no once again line 6 has dropped the ball. Is anyone else having the same problem???
  8. Well it's a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing is I use fbv shortboard programmed all me setting that I wanted in it. And now because phone can't hook up to because of os9. It's not freezing anymore played for 3 hrs no problem. But worried when they do fix os9 problem. The amp will be useless again. Let's hope they fix this problem. Faster then the blue tooth drop out problem there having for over a year now. Everywhere you look that's all you see about amplifi 150. Is blue tooth problems. And as for up dates for stagescape md20. Well not seeing anything on that. I would even pay for updates if they were what I needed. It's like they don't care. Almost at the point of selling all my line6 equipment. Because they don't keep up with them. It's like up what are we doing next and forget about us who believe in there product only to be fooled by line6. Know the old saying happy customer happy life and buy more line6 products
  9. why doesn't line6 make a patch you could buy to turn stagescApe into a full interface to use all channels to record instead of only two. I'm sure people would buy the software update. Making it more resourceful then it is now
  10. Other companies are coming out with m20d like systems, I love my m20d there are a few things I would like to see, 1 be able to use it as an interface with more thenTwo channels at a time would be nice to record with all channels. We can do that with sd card why not computer, I think this would increase sale. 2. Newer videos on the m20d with the updates, 3 tell us exactly what foot peddles will work with this unit, I have brought m20d to the music store tried more then10 peddles and non work so hard to add effects when playing .
  11. I tried tonight I got two channels working , why can't they update m20d so you can use it a an interface and use all channels to record. You can do it with sd card. This would really help the sales of the m20d, best of both worlds
  12. well i bought the amplifi 150 amp i really am trying to like this amp, its has great potential but when you get over one hump you run into another, i bought the fbv mkII short board to go with amp, it works great ......then wham frozen sometime it will change sound but you have no clue what sound you brought up because it wont change on mkII board or it just freezes wont do anything you have to umplug mkII plug back in and works for a little then same thing, also blue tooth works then kicks out then connects again on its on, i think this amp can be the next big thing as the advertice, but they need to get amp working flawless with os and mkII till then its just a practice amp will never be good for live perfomance, and even with the delays in fixing this amp with usb and blue tooth patience is running thin, i really want to give this amp a shot if its not working by the new year it will be time to sell amp.come on line6 lets get this going and let it be the amp it was intented to be. anyone else having this problem please post it on line, maybe this will get line six going to fix it. and reply to fix problem would be greatly appreciated tks.
  13. Love my amplifi 150 tones are nice sounds great but wifi is ok at home, have trouble when playing at gigs with wifi kicking on and off, till they fix wifi problem will use as a practice amp. And yes I updated tried all suggestions no luck yet. One more thing anything about usb or computer hook up yet?????
  14. When are they going to update stagescape videos to the latest updates 1.2 all line6 videos are outdated. Ugh!!!!
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