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  1. Radatats, Thanks for your reply. Jeez i'm a moron. I meant L6 link NOT USB. I'll check your link and see if i can do trhis right. I get that patches are going to sound different going through DT50 and QSC and mains. But it's just SO different that I thought i'd ask you guys. Based on your reply and without checking the link i'm wondering if i'm not "blanking out" the DT50 before loading voicing, channel, class and there is still an amp and cab being applied on top of my amp and cab(s) sent from the Helix patch. I'm not sittingf in front of the amp right now but when i set up a patch i go into the midi section and set up channel a, class a, pentode, voicing via midi commands. I don't send any of the commands that select "none" for amp or cabinet. Maybe i'll try the dual path method you describe. This whole thing sure works easier on my HD500X . I didn't want to have to think this hard! Carl
  2. DunedinDragon, Thanks for reply. The thing is i'm using all four voices on various patches. All of them are way brighter than whats coming through direct connection. How would i compensate for that i guess is my question. Thanks, Carl
  3. Hey guys, Hoping someone could give me some insight on this. My setup is Helix to DT50 head via USB and MIDI and XLR out to QSC K10 floor monitor and mains. I am sending the amp and cab info to DT50 via MIDI. Issue is that the patches sound super bright through the DT50 and pretty dark throught the QSC and mains. I have only recently started using the DT50 with Helix. I had been using the QSC as my "amp" and straight out of XLR's to mains. I didn't have this noticable a difference in treble and brightness. What might i look at to bring the sound more into line with each other? Thanks, Carl
  4. Well that's good to hear regarding the update and issues. The only "taints" i have found is on one patch when i try to adjust input parameters the Helix freezes and needs a restart. And on another patch the input parameter for Variax won't allow me to force a tone setting. It lights DON'T FORCE but won't respond to turning the tone know on Variax. Other patches it works. So those were two things
  5. Ok so now i realize i'm a bonehead and should have followed the instructions. So will my current patches be permanently "tainted" because of my laziness? Or will 2.20 update rebuild the patches properly when i do that update? Assuming i do it right this time :D Thx Carl
  6. Thanks guys for your helpful replies. I updated to the latest firmware 2.12. I was on 2.01. I set globals to discard changes. I switched EXP 1 and EXP 2 volume/wah. Patches working properly it seems. I'm always reluctant to update the firmware even though there's often new features, amps, effects, IRs and whatnot because something unexpected always seems to happen with my patches. But in this case the good outweighed the bad. One thing i didn't do was back up and restore all the patches and IRs, do the global reset and restore everything. It seemed all the globals were reset anyhow in the firmware upgrade. What kind of trouble am i asking for by not doing that? Carl
  7. Good morning oh wise ones. I know there must be a way to do this i just can't figure it out. It is happening across patches. I apologize if this has already been asked and answered i couldn't find it. Using the on-board expression pedal only. I have a volume block EXP 1 and a wah block EXP 2. Toe switch switches between them. That works fine. But when i engage the wah and switch to another snapshot it leaves EXP 2 engaged but the wah is off and the volume is on. Which is the opposite of what i want. When i step on the toe switch it toggles between EXP 1 and 2 but the wah and the volume don't work properly. EXP 2 does nothing and EXP 1 controls BOTH the volume and wah. If i am on EXP 1 when i switch snapshots everything works OK. So what i've been doing is engaging wah on snapshot 1 then turning wah off before i switch to snapshot 2, then turning wah back on. Then turn it off before i switch back to snapshot 1. If i forget then volume and wah blocks are all messed up. So of course, for me, in a live situation i forget and can't stop and fix it mid song, It's super annoying. I also have the same thing happening on another patch with volume and pitch shifter on EXP 1 and EXP 2. Thanks in advance for any help or advice any of you have for me. Carl Corneliuson
  8. The old saying about throwing the baby out with the bath water comes to mind. It was a quick jump from helix integration with v700 to questioning the sound quality of the helix.
  9. I also have had Helix lock up a couple of times after 2.01 upgrade. Both times tweaking patches and connected to MAC via USB. Helix would still process sound for current patch but no button functionality and editor was locked as well. Had a Variax connected via VDI cable. Weirdly the knobs on the variax were glowing red and green rather than the usual white. I didn't even know they could do that. Cycled the power and Helix came back up fine. Update: My Macbook had locked up so i rebooted it and the Helix Editor attempted restart while connected to the Helix via USB. The Helix still processed sound on the current patch but all the controls were locked again. I unplugged the USB cable and that "released" the Helix which immediately regained all of its functionality. No restart required. So in my case it appears that Helix editor will "freeze" the Helix and release it when unplugged from USB.
  10. Peter, Thanks for putting up those patches. I really would love to get sound even close to what i was hearing in the vids. I upgraded to 1.06 on a stompbox model but when i go to import the patches i get a message that it is an unrecognized device in the editor. I'm wondering if others are able to get those patches going in the stompbox helix or what i might be doing wrong? I was able to pul in the IRs. Thanks, Carl Corneliuson
  11. Good morning. I can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. When I add additional expression pedals the sweep goes from 100% at one end of travel to 0% in the middle to 100% at the other end. I have two of the Mission EP-1s that i used with AXE-Fx. I've tried to learn the controllers, make adjustments on the Helix to the percentages, regular and TRS cables. Nothing working. The built in pedal works fine until i add the outboard pedals then it acts up too. I'm hoping it's something stupid i am missing since i don't see anyone else having this problem. Thanks, Carl Corneliusonn
  12. Check out this thread and the links for lot's of good info: http://line6.com/support/topic/16247-i-found-this-thread-and-i-think-its-worth-a-read-for-every-helix-users/
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