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dual-signal path confusion- explanation/assistance required


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I cant get my head round this:

I believe i have the amp outputs (via the mixer) panned both centre (see image) but the chorus effect is ONLY audible on the LEFT XLR out, unless i engage the "dynamics" effect which follows (which i understand sums to mono) then i can hear it on the right-XLR.

I have input 2 disabled (set to variax) but changing it to "same as input1" makes no difference. Also inserting a mono-summing effect before the amp does not reveal the chorus effect on the right XLR out.


I thought the summing and panning on the mixer (after the amp) would effectively run everything L+R equally.

can anyone explain please. thanks



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Thanks for the link- quite an in-depth coverage. This device is one rabbit-hole after another.


Forgive me for appearing a bit dim but i still cant figure out why there is no chorus on the right channel.

How do i get chorus on this channel using the effects blocks and setup i have described?


thanks again

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