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Tricks to get rid of clipping


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Hey guys I have an Ibanez DT-520 with a Tone Zone in the bridge and an Air Norton in the bridge. And though it never seemed a problem before lately it seems every patch has clipping in it.

Ive tried lowering the mixers to -.6.0 db and adjusting to taste with no luck.

I've tried inserting a volume pedal and setting it at 75% at the beginning of my signal path and no luck.

Ive lowered my pickups but the only way I can get rid of the clipping is to lower my bridge pickup too much and then it's too quiet and doesnt have enough output.

I dont have a PAD button on my POD HD because its the Bean model. 

Any help would be super appreciated


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I have a similar problem....I have a bean and I use medium output pups (Fred and HFH)....Anyway, what I find helps the most is setting input 2 to Mic and turn the trim all the way down...Next, if you are using FULL amp models, turn the MASTER DEP down a bit....There are a good many models where the MASTER DEP default is just too high and there is a lot of crossover distortion (JCM800 model is notable for this)....Increasing the bias also helps the get rid of the xover distortion...some people call it digital clipping...anyhoo, xover distortion is petty nasty sounding...


Lastly, turn down the RES DEP on the cab model....A combination of those things generally tames the fizz for me....This varies a bit model to model, but generally that works for me...

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I experienced what I think is clipping today with a tube driver in front of an amp and analog chorus after the amp.  I'd get an occasional "click" through my speakers.  Screamer doesn't do that and tube driver didn't do it with the chorus turned off.

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