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  1. Listening again to some recordings I've still got, the differences are very subtle from recording to recording. The fact is, sometimes they're audible, sometimes not. One thing I've noticed is I get wildly different sounds from the same patch from session to session
  2. I connect the XLRs from POD to an external audio interface, which is connected via USB to the PC, usigng single amp. I suppose that's one of the many undocumented "features"
  3. They're still active even using the "pre" versions
  4. I've had good results using external IRs in a DAW but there's a problem. I've found out that when you select "No Cab", the deps E.R., Lo Cut, Res Lvl, Thump, Decay (even the mic!) are still active and change the sound of the IRs in the recording. They should be off in theory but they're not. Nobody knows where the real neutral settings should be so you have to set them to taste...
  5. Thanks :) In fact I thought you were on a trip like "7 years in Tibet". I have some problem with one knob also. The values go backwards and jump forward suddenly, making really difficult naming patches with the hardware...
  6. I think I already have those patches but, while you're at it, can you please be so kind to do the same with me? You know, as this forum is dying (with the unit itself), that would be also a nostalgic way of remember the old days...
  7. Akeron

    Pod HD vs Helix

    The fact you have to guess if the POD is clipping internally instead of seeing visually is really a problem, I think...
  8. I understand (to a point) the fascination with the looks, but if the sound sucks, personally I couldn't care less about that. Maybe it's me, or it's because I like good sounding next door neighbor trees...
  9. Well no official source. It's my personal experience that at some point I've found out I didn't need that anymore. I can't remember the firmware. Maybe it was a bug in previous firmware and I've exploited a bug they fixed. Who knows...
  10. I used the amp after the mixer years ago a lot... before they increased the overall gain of the amps. The last time I've tried the recording had too much phasing weirdness to continue to use it...
  11. Tomorrow I'll do another test and put a detailed description of the event. To be brief, effects post amp are unusable because the moment they're on the volume becomes a LOT low. The worst ones are the compressors :D
  12. Everytime I put an effect post amp the volume drops too much (unacceptable low), even on default settings. The change in volume is so huge I've stopped trying after a few tries...
  13. The first rule of the Line 6 Club is... you never talk about Input 2 settings! Some time ago they released Queensryche's patches and the settings were all standard. Are they all masochists? :lol: One day we will know the real truth behind the POD signal chain, even if we will have to decipher some Nostradamus prophecy...
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