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VDI Ethernet cable?

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Hi there,


I have a Variax Standard which I constantly use live but I sometimes have problems moving around the stage because the default ethernet cable is quite short (I usually connect the Variax to my PODHD500X via the ethernet cable since I use a bunch of different sounds every time). 

Do you think that any longer ethernet cable would work if I connect it to the guitar and to the pod?

Thank you

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hello all

dont know if anyone is still here on this subject. I read it all and can't find my answer, so i'll ask if you dont mind:


i know you can get the full variax 700 jack plate assembly from full compass. but I also think I read that one of the jack plate assemblies for the newer JTV's (jtv 69, i believe), has the little metal door to prevent damage from a 1/4 jack AND will also fit the variax 700 drop-in without soldering, so that might be a better choice if you're looking to replace the jackplate on an old variax700 because it gives you the little metal spring door and the original, or "correct one" doesnt.

is this so? and if it is which one is it?

thank you

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