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Variax + HD Pro X questions


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I purchased the HD Pro X last December and have learned quite a bit (my first Line 6 product).  Watching youtube videos, I see a lot of the demos are done with Variax guitars, and they are able to get tones and models not available with a standard guitar.  My questions are along the lines that I know nothing about how the guitars work and how they work with the unit.  I've tried researching it online, but have found very little info on how it's actually set up and how it talks to POD gear.


So here goes, thanks for your help!


- does the guitar hook up to the HD Pro using both 1/4 and a digital cable?

- is the digital cable proprietary?

- From what I've read, the Variax comes with it's own modeling and firmware, how does this work in conjunction with the PRO X?

- I see the guitar has a knob to switch models.. is that strictly the modeling of the guitar itself (Les Paul, Strat) BEFORE it goes into the DSP and synth modeling?

- Do you have any links to relevant info that I'm looking for?


Thanks again! 

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- Yes, it hooks up in both ways. You only need to use one of them but if you use a dual path preset in the HD Pro you can assign the Guitar and Variax inputs separately for independent processing in the HD Pro..


- The cable is not proprietary but the data carried by the cable is proprietary. Although it is a standard Ethernet cable with shielded ends for protection, it does not carry ITP protocol data.


- It works very well. You'll need to be more specific with your question.


- Not sure what DSP you are referring to. The DSP in the Variax provides all the guitar modeling; moving the knob switches DSP processing within the Variax to deliver the sounds of the different models to the Variax outputs. Then the HD Pro receives the signal from the specific Variax model and processes it further using its own DSP, like any other guitar multi-FX processor. Similarly, the 1/4" output from the Variax can be connected to any other guitar processor. Perhaps this is what you were getting at with your previous question?


- Read the Variax sections of the Pod HD Pro Advanced Guide, available here under Support -> Manuals.

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