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How do you like to dual amp?


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OK, so im about to be new owner of Pro X and i have no experience what so ever from pod hd pro x. I only have read stuff around my question but haven't found satisfying answer/post.


So my plan is to create pretty basic 'Teh djentz' style of bass patch for myself. Now, is this possible.


Path A: Gate, comp, dist, amp, eq(set as hipass)

Path B: Gate,comp eq(set lopass)

Path A:panned left 100%

Path B: panned right100%

Run this out from unbalanced L and R into solid-state stereo amp(L and R inputs) and from there to my two bass cabs (L and R).

So from what i have learned on this Forum, i can balance my clean lows and hi distortion from my power amp, by just adjusting gain levels?

No cab or mic sim cos i have TC RS 212 on top and bottom so two separate cabs overall.


Sorry but im noob so i have yo ask:/


P.S what sort of power amps ppl here use with hd500(x) or hd pro(x)?



I don't really know how to build patches for basses, but why would you apply a high pass filter in the One Path and a low pass filter in the Other Path?


From my point of view, as a guitarist, it doesn't make any sense. I would just apply my low/high pass filters at the end of the chain or with the Global EQ.

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