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  1. In case any of you missed it, the free preset Bill shared here is killer! https://blog.line6.com/2021/04/15/bill-kelliher-the-mastodon-guitarist-riffs-on-helix-and-heaviness-and-bestows-a-free-preset/
  2. I'm moving on to a new drum software and after speaking with Toontrack, discovered I am allowed to sell my licenses and transfer them to another user! Yay for a guy who has yet to make a dollar on music but keeps buying stuff regardless lol. Anyone interested in any of the following: EZ Drummer 2 Death Metal EZX Hard Rock EZX Metal Machine EZX Metalheads EZX Progressive EZX I was thinking maybe $65 for the main program itself and $45 for individual EZX's? Half the asking price for singles seems pretty fair to me I guess, but I'm also open to working out package deals. Maybe Zelle for payment? Hit me up if you're interested in talking more. Naturally I only have one license for each so they are first come first serve!
  3. While my 6505 has been out for maintenance, it's been kinda fun experimenting with all the amp sims again. I wanted to play through my cab today though, so out came the old Katana head...This thing is actually pretty great if you take the time to setup all the midi capabilities and I was bored, so I finally did. When running it 4 cable method you can pull in the amp's tones with a loop block too. A few extra amp models is always handy. The Brown voicing on them is actually pretty good and responds great to my IR's. I can also attest that running into the "power amp in" jack with Helix amp models gets some pretty nice results too. You just can't beat a real cab! I might have to clean the rest of the dust off this Katana and incorporate it more often. Love my 6505, but I think this thing definitely has a place too. Glad I kept it now!
  4. It definitely helps them in a big way! I've made some very usable patches with them recently and I've been an IR guy ever since I got my Helix. There is something about the sauce of my Badonk patch with a York Mesa OS cab I can't quite get out of them, but that amp and cab pack pair up better than any combination I've come across so that's fair.
  5. Interesting idea, might have to try this out!
  6. I'm actually kinda digging the stock cabs with this new (old) discovery. Anybody wanna try the Mark IV Lead patch I made that's all Helix? Here ya go! Mesa Mark IV LD.hlx
  7. Little late to the party on this one, but it's pretty rad! Actually makes the stock cabs usable IMO. I could just never get the 57 to sound right on any cab before the Tilt EQ. As far as I understand it, they essentially made that to simulate moving the microphone across the speaker (since we currently don't have any other way to do that with stock cabs), is that right? Sure sounds like that's what it's more or less doing to me. Great, now I get to go down the rabbit hole of stock cabs again and possibly start cursing the amount of money I've spent on IR's...Excellent job though Line 6, can't wait to see what comes in the next update!
  8. Ha, we essentially do the same thing only in reverse. My drive tones are about 95% of my sound so I dial those in where I want them hitting the recording input then go back and level the cleans. Oddly enough my output meter is also right around 75%. Different strokes for different folks but as long as it gets us there in the end right lol
  9. See and to me that seems really low for channel volume. Since you say it's with your overdriven tones, what all are you running in front of the amp? I'm curious to know what your gain staging looks like. I think the only time I've ever even had to turn down the default channel volume was on one model, I forget which one, but it was because I was running 2 IRs in parallel back then.
  10. Yeah the Horizon Gate is just to tame a little bit of noise I can still hear if I wear headphones. It might just be inherent to my environment too so some probably won't even need that gate. All the other stuff in the patch is for other snapshots.
  11. Screen caps for those with a Stomp that want to recreate this preset. It's surprisingly simple, but took a lot of re-amping and A/B'ing to figure out. The pics are numbered in the order they should be in your chain to match mine. I am mostly using an LTD EC-1000 with a Custom 5 in the bridge with this for reference. The digital world is so crazy. In real life I use a Tube Screamer into my 6505, but that and the Panama model in Helix didn't sound or feel anywhere close. Das Benzin and Horizon Drive for the win! EDIT: Now that I have a bit more time I would say it's about 95% up to my 6505+, which is what I heard a lot of people saying that's how they felt about their Kemper so I'm pretty satisfied with it. I should also clarify, this isn't supposed to be the end all, beat all 6505 mix ready tone. This is just supposed to get as close as I can get to what I hear and feel when I run my amp through a Torpedo Captor and use impulse responses. It could sound closer, but adding extra EQ and stuff inside the Helix would always take away from something else in a way I didn't like and it was usually in the feel of playing. Not something I was willing to sacrifice for the little bit of difference it made. The only real comparative difference I hear is there is a little something extra going on in the low end of the 6505+ that I just can't get out of the Helix at all, but the result is the model sounds a tiny bit tighter and brighter. IMO, it also plays nicer with your guitar buss if you are using combinations of real amps and sims since it isn't already processed to death going in lol. In this case less was more and just because you can doesn't always mean you should!
  12. It's for the full Helix, but I suppose I could make a cut down version without all the extra stuff in my snapshots and upload it. How many blocks are on the Stomp again? I'll take some screenshots later too for those interested.
  13. Bet you thought this was gonna be another "How do I dial in?" thread. Well you were wrong, but will be rewarded! In the spirit of being cool to others, here's a patch I've worked on quite a bit and it's as close as I can possibly get to the sound and feel of my actual 6505+ using the same IR. Snapshot #3 "Dirt Face" is the one in case it boots up another, but it shouldn't. I use ML Sounds Lab's Mega OS "Almighty" preset with it, but it still might be a good stepping stone for others even without the same IR. Oddly enough, the PV Panama model was not involved in the making of this patch and declined to comment...Enjoy! My 6505 Clone.hlx
  14. I did notice that they loaded with new default cuts, but it's not like I never messed with those myself either lol. Maybe they're just better at it than me.
  15. I've been using IR's exclusively since about 2.8 now, but I decided to mess around with the stock cabs again tonight. I never thought they sounded bad necessarily, they just felt really fake to play compared to IR's I had if that makes sense? I can feel the differences from brand to brand even and at least back on 2.8, the Helix's stock cabs did not feel good to me to play at all. My theory is the update that increased the oversampling had a huge effect on the stock cabs. I didn't really notice anything then since I was using IR's, but I swear it FEELS like the stock cabs benefited greatly from that update, I think they sound a little better too even. It's kind of like the Helix as a whole was optimized. Did any of you folks that use stock cabs exclusively notice such a difference with that update?
  16. It will be interesting to see what's yet to come with future updates for sure. I know we're still supposed to get the other 2 Revv Generator channels, which might make me switch for a bit again lol. There's just something about that Placater Dirty that keeps me coming back though. I just feel like I can dial in any sound I need with that one since it's so versatile!
  17. They've added so much since Helix first debuted. Just for fun talking points, with the current firmware and all the new models, which ones are your favorites? I find myself coming back to the Placater, both clean and dirty, more and more. I like the consistency of the gain staging when switching from clean, crunch to metal with that one in snapshots. They just seem to flow into each other better when it's technically the same amp IMO. I hope they do more of the multiple amp channels thing in the future. I mean, we still only have one rectifier and TBH, it's not that great lol. What's your thoughts?
  18. For you metal dudes who have the ML Orange IR pack, try the 57c/160e combo mixed with the Badonk and driven by the Horizon. All amp settings at 5 (depth at .5) were already really close to a tone I've been after for a while. This IR pack really tames the lows on the Badonk. Your settings will vary for your setup, but it's a really good starting point!
  19. Awesome thanks for taking the time to try it out and your feedback!
  20. I'm curious to know how my working preset with the Revv Purple as my main snapshot (also has clean, crunch and lead snaps!) transitions to other people's setups? I'm using Ownhammer impulses on this, both are from the Cali Duo pack. The top one I have set to the V70 57-03 and the bottom is the V70 160-01 if you have them and want to go for absolute parity. The EQ block that's there isn't tied to anything currently. It's just a weird filter type effect that I might use for some intros or breaks. I set this patch up with a Schecter C1 Platinum that I swapped the stock 81/85 pickups out of in favor of the Duncan Nazgul/Sentient set. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you and if you'd modify anything. It sounds pretty good on my setup (JBL LSR305's) most days. I should note that I do have a hearing deficiency in my left ear, so I'm getting varied self opinions on the sound. Sometimes I think it's way too bright, other times it sounds just right. Since my hearing fluctuates from day to day, it's hard for me to say which is "normal". Is it way too bright or just right? YMMV on this if you don't have the same gear, I know, but that's also part of what I want to know is how it sounds on yours as is? I'm not super concerned with the other 3 snaps at the moment, just snap 3 since that's my home base and main point of concern. But I'll take input on the others as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm looking to record some stuff soon. Reamping later is definitely an option but takes more time, and as a one man show that added time is valuable. Thanks in advance all! Revv Purple SNAP.hlx
  21. mattbarden


    Thanks for that Revv Purple Line 6, it totally rips!
  22. I really would like to try one of those Powerstages. Nobody stocks them in my area though. Not to say I don't like my current setup, but those do look cool from what I've seen and heard. What advantages did you find from it compared to the amps you tried your Helix through?
  23. There's always the Boss Katana head too. It's solid state but it isn't class D like most solid state amplifiers. I think its class A/B if I'm not mistaken. Pretty inexpensive too and works great! I just run into the fx loop and use all Helix for the tones. Another plus is should something happen to my Helix the Katana on it's own can act as a backup.
  24. Got an email this morning saying the new update is available, so you should be able to export and load your custom ir's with no volume compensation needed in helix now.
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