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  1. Eh, "full rig sound" doesn't make sense to me, unless you are trying to play a gig with only 1 guitarist. I strictly went for their album tone, which is a main rhythm tone and they only tweaked it a bit depending on the tuning. (6/7string songs). As for my tones, I am lucky enough to own an Axe FX II as well (which is what they used on the album too). So I was able to get very close to their tone by using the same exact amp sims that they used. After that, I made some patches with my Helix Native to match my Axe FX tones and now they sound almost identical. Sooo I don't know if it can get THAT much better :P
  2. Greetings everyone and Happy Holidays! Today I released a bunch of Periphery Tones on my website and I'm also running a Holiday offer for these! Here are some samples for my tones: And here are some reviews from my customers: I would be glad if you could check them out! I worked very hard for these! Kind regards, George -SB Soundlab
  3. Greetings everyone and Happy Holidays! Today I released a bunch of Periphery Tones on my website and I'm also running a Holiday offer for these! Here are some samples for my tones: And here are some reviews from my customers: I would be glad if you could check them out! I worked very hard for these! Kind regards, George -SB Soundlab
  4. Yeah, a small compensation in drive would be ideal, indeed. I haven't uploaded it on the custom tone site. Check out the youtube description of the video! :)
  5. I used an EMG 81-7 on the bridge. What about the output?
  6. Hello guys, Check out a cool tone I made and let me know what you think!
  7. What is going on? There are some people in certain Pod HD groups in Facebook that say they got the Pod HD Amp packs for free simply by unregistering their product, creating a new account and registering again. I am only posting this here so we can get some official explanation for this. The Facebook link is here: The Line 6 announcement in pdf form: If this is legitimate, I am sure that most of the people that have already purchased the amp packs will want their money back. (Including me. I paid 130 euros for those amps)
  8. Thank you everyone for your responses! Can any of you suggest a unit that would work with the Pod HD500X and 2-3 more pedals?
  9. Very good answer! Exactly what I wanted to say! I have never seen this chart of the amps that do not cancer each other out. Would you be willing to post it here? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Hey man, I am a Northlane fan too! Or should I say better that Northlane is my favorite band and I am obsessed with them??? :rolleyes: Anyways, I have searched everything I could find concerning their gear and how they build their tones, because I wanted, as well, a tone that would really bring out that Low F and would be really aggressive and articulate just like their tone! And the closest I could get with my Pod HD500X and my ESP LTD-1007 is this: I own the Pod HD for 1,5 years and this tone took me 2 months of everyday tweaking to build. I don't doubt that someone could build a tone like this in far less time, but I would suggest, since you just started, to take it easy, because their tone is very very hard to emulate it with the Pod HD, due to its' cab and mic sims, unless you want to start messing with IR's. Then things would get much easier. Some general tips I could give you about building modern metal tones is to use the Treadplate or Angel F Ball amp sim, and before the amp use a screamer and a noise gate. (You can use a comp too, but that depends on the patch). After you have settled down with your basic setup start messing around with some EQing. (This takes time to master. The more you try to shape your tones with the EQ's the better you will become in emulating tones) I suggest using the graphic & the studio eq for boosting/cutting wide areas of frequencies and the parametric eq for small areas (these small areas are very important.) And to close my long post, the key to these metalcore tones are the upper mids. The most important frequency for these tones is a small area around 3k Hz. Try boosting this particular frequency with a parametric EQ set up like this: Lows: 50% Highs: 50% Freq: 84% Q: 85-100% Gain: 60-80% I hope these help. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask us! :)
  11. Hey guys, I want to try using my Pod HD500X with some pedals for a couple of weeks so I can test its' effects. So I am searching for a single unit that will be able to supply with power my Pod HD and 2-3 more pedals. And at the same time it will have isolated outputs so that I won't get any ground loop noise any more. I need to find something that it is not too expensive, so I was looking at this: But I am not sure if it will work for my Pod HD What kind of power supply does the Pod HD500X needs to work???? (I am not familiar with the terms, so excuse my mistakes.) Thanks in advance!
  12. I don't get what is your problem here honestly.. Do you want to play metal with the Pod but you can't set it up?? or you can't figure out how to set it up so that you can play something else than metal? Do you want to tell us what type of tone do you want to achieve?
  13. I follow this video and it works wonders! Hope it helps! :)
  14. I tried every reverb and many combos of them. The particle helped a bit, but the octo didn't. It sounds like something is missing, I don't know how to describe it. If you try to play this part, you will be having a "wrong" atmosphere in certain notes (like when playing the 2nd note he plays at the beginning). His atmosphere in the whole song has the same "sweetness" no matter which note is he playing. I don't know if you can quite get me.. That why I thought that a smart harmony effect might help me..
  15. Thanks for your input guys! Well I am trying to emulate this tone with the Pod HD: And I have tried pretty much every reverb (and combinations of them) and different patch approaches, but even if I get close to his actual "guitar tone", I can't achieve this atmospheric effect that every note leaves behind. It sounds like it's more than some simple reverb(s), so I thought that the smart harmony effect might get me closer. The tone I am after is a lot different (see above)
  16. Hey guys, These days I am experimenting with some ambient patches and I am just trying to work with the Smart Harmony Effect and create something usable our of it, but I just can't. I don't even know what its parameters do and I can't find any instructions on the internet as well. Could anyone shed some light upon this Smart Harmony Effect? I was thinking about using it for ambient patches, like I said. Thanks!
  17. Sorry, I didn't see the replies in this post. I only saw the post now that you quoted a message of mine. Yeah he uses an Axe-FX. And damn these trebly leads are the toughest to make..
  18. I still don't get what is the problem here. You can have any effect you want in any of these 2 patches and you can control up to 4 effects in each patch.
  19. But what would be the problem if you had a clean patch and a distorted patch? You could save both in your Pod HD and with a press of a button, you could be changing them really fast.
  20. You basically need the bass response from the clean path and thehighs from the distorted path. So I would try cutting around anything above 500-700 Hz on the clean path and anything below 600-800 Hz on the distorted path. But these numbers are really subjective, therefore you should try for yourself what you like best. I also believe that if you set up your patch like this, you won't be getting any phase issues.
  21. I don't know how you make your dual amp bass patches, but the best way I have found to do this is to high-cut the clean path and low-cut the distorted path. Use a guitar amp & cab for the distorted path and maybe a screamer. Maybe if you would tell us the tone you are after, we could help you better. The spectrum analyzer would be no use for you, if you don't have an isolated mono track of the tone you are after. So your best choice is to start using your ears and your hands to tweak your patch. If you start doing this, I can guarantee that after a certain point, your ears will be trained enough that you will be able to build any tone you wish with the Pod HD. Hope these help! :)
  22. I have 2 guitars. A 6string Schecter with passive pickups (Dimarzio Titans) and a 7string esp ltd with EMG pickups and I build my patches on those 2 guitars. Honestly, the main difference I notice is the output of the pickups and the sustain ofc. (6string has a floyd) Generally, most people that is interested in these tones have pretty much guitars with the same or similar specs as mine and they say that my tones work great. (You can see this for yourself actually by reading their reviews) But ofc there are rare cases where people have much different guitars than mine, with alder body for example or totally non-"modern" pickups. In cases like these, I suggest tweaks based on their comments by comparing their tone with mine and we manage to make the patch sounding as it should. I used to believe that the guitar makes much difference in the tone, as well, but after doing this for a while, I realized that the patch itself has a much greater impact in your tone.
  23. Guys pay me to build their favorite tones. How much would you charge for a tone that someone requested you to build for him and you spent 4 hours minimum?
  24. Why would you choose to have such an expensive audio interface and such a cheap modeler? Just curious... Also, is there a specific reason that you prefer to use the spdif output instead of the XLR for example?
  25. I mostly use the Fireball and the Treadplate amp sims for mid/high gain modern stuff. (The Big Bottom is also a very good amp for specific tones.) For cabs I mostly use the XXL and the Uber, but you should note that the XXL cab needs much of its bass out in order to be usable. And then the typical FX's you find in a modern chain: noise gate, compressor, screamer and after the amp a lot of EQ pedals in order to shape my tone even more, because the cab/mic sims in the Pod HD are really meh. You can find all of my recordings in the links bellow:
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