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FX100 new owner problem's.

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I bought myself a new FX100 yesterday (guitarguitar, Newcastle UK) and then bought a new android device too.

I plugged in this morning for the first time.

First problem.

The bank up doesnt operate? Im stuck in bank 1. I cant select any other bank? Is my device faulty,or am I doing something wrong??

Problem two.

I cant get the android to do what I hoped it would do. I have it showing connected with bluetooth but it's doing nothing. Im presently trying to do some sort of upload to the android device to see if I can get it working,so we'll see how it goes if and when the upload finishes.

The main issue is the first problem. Do I have a sub standard unit that is faulty?

Suggestion's greatly received.

Thank you.


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First thing to do is to check you have the latest firmware on the fx100 and the latest version of the app

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Thank you Iknowathingortwo all is sorted now.

After messing for seven hours with the FX100 it is now working.

I tried it out for an hour or so,and think it's an interesting device with a lot of potential.

Im now wondering how to name patches when I only have number's on the FX100? I have a Boss GT-100 which is so far a lot easier to suss out. I can name patches easily on that and quickly recall them as needed. The thought's on the naming is so I can take the unit out and about without taking my tablet. Early day's yet,so any thought's or idea's appreciated.

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WOW!! Seven hours!! That's patience!!

Glad you got it going.


You can name patches easier using the AMPLIFi Remote app.

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