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Mesa Dual Rectifier vs Pod Pro X Treadplate - Video


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Here is a video I did comparing the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Red Channel) vs the Pod HD Pro X Treadplate model. 


I just did this as a comparison video just to see how close I could get the Pod to sound like the Rectifier using only the effects, amps, and cabs available in the Pod. 


They are somewhat similar, but I like both the sounds and would have no problem using either one on a recording.


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Not at all similar. Thanks for sharing. This is the reason I need torpedo!


Yeah I know ...Its a completely different sound, still could use the Pod tone just not the same. I actually ran the Mesa into a Jet City Jettenuator and then line out into Logic Pro X and ran Two Notes Wall of Sound III with the mesa cab. The setup for the Jettenuator and Wall of Sound cabs ended up costing $200 for both. A cheaper version of Torpedo haha.

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