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Latency half a second at preset change on Firehawk?


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  • 5 months later...

I'm very hesitant to get a Firehawk now after reading user posts. The video posted with patch changing is showing that it switches way too slow. It also doesn't show just how bad it really is, you need to keep playing without stopping then initiate a patch change as you would live from rhythm to lead etc. It would drive me nuts live. On a GT100 its so fast you cannot believe it but this level of performanceis what we should expect to get for the huge prices we pay for gear. I have a HD500X and its a beast and switching is fast enough for me. 


When you play guitar in a 3 piece band (as many of us do) you need seemless patch changing. There's a shop reserving a Firehawk for me and I'm going to have to let them down now. :angry:


One thing i will never understand about Line 6 is releasing products first then doing all the firmware updates, does no one actually test these things before production? As a guitar effects manufacturer is it not obvious that changing tones live is a huge MUST HAVE and that these changes take place instantly? I think it would be a step backwards to go from a HD500X to a Firehawk. No dual amps and limited assignable options to the exp pedal. If they had made the exp pedal control more parameters one could have assigned drive and master volumes (and other parameters) to a single patch and assigned them to the exp pedal (as you can with the HD500 series) so you could have full control of one amp model just by pushing down the pedal. Sometimes the simple things make life so much less complicated lol.

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  • 3 years later...

Hi all...while this thread looks pretty dead I thought I would post anyway. 

As alluded to in previous posts I think the latency between switching patches has something to do with synching Firehawk patch settings with the remote app via bluetooth that results in the latency issue.


I too have also noticed that for some reason it's like the Firehawk is waiting for confirmation from the App that it is showing the currently displayed patch. The Firehawk should always take priority as it is a real-time device having the App UI out of sync has little impact as I doubt you would be changing things live from the App during songs.


If any other users could let me know how they go with replicating the issue and the workaround that would be appreciated. Hopefully it helps someone else out. Most importantly hopefully it finally leads to Line 6 giving this product some love and fixing the issue with potential solution or otherwise.


Just reading blogs it seems Firehawk FX sadly has been forgotten about for the most part in favour of the Helix line of products. Overall it is a good product if time was spent ironing out this issue then I am sure a lot of Firehawk users would appreciate it and stay loyal to the brand.  I wish I could afford a Helix but doesn't make sense at this point in time, I too am from Australia and they go for $1500 - $2000+ which is a bit out of my price range. Happy for Line 6 to upgrade me at their expense :D


Replicating the Issue (latency):

I am currently running the following firmware version v1.30.00.

  • Ensure your device that is currently paired with the Firehawk has it's bluetooth turned on
  • Turn on Firehawk FX and wait for bluetooth button to go solid blue to indicate it is paired with your device
  • Turn off bluetooth on your device
  • Switch between patches at a steady pace and wait :P

Painful and Error Prone Workaround:

Painful and error prone because if you forget to turn off your blue tooth before turning on the Firehawk then live gigging you are going to look like an amateur :(

  • Before turning on the Firehawk ensure the device currently paired with it is turned off
  • Turn on the Firehawk
  • Switch between patches at a steady pace and hopefully experience minimal latency/lag

Potential Solution:

Firmware update by line 6 to turn bluetooth OFF by default and force you to turn it on by holding or pressing the bluetooth button.

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