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How to reamp with the Pod HD500X and an audio interface?


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Sorry if this was answered before... I just got the Scarlett 2i2 and I am a complete noob.


My setup is: Guitar-->Pod-->Interface-->Daw


I mostly want to learn how to record dry and wet guitars at the same time, and then how to re-amp the dry guitars, so I can listen to my tone and then tweak the patch for best results.

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You need an audio interface that has at least 4 audio inputs/outputs (2 stereo pairs). The Scarlett 2i2 won't do it.


agree with Silver, who also described a good re-amping procedure in the following post:


an external audio interface with s/pdif would be very handy in this case


If someone else send me his DI tracks, I wouldn't be able to re-amp them too?

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Cool - I have never done that. Thanks for the info.

This may satisfy the OP's requirements although it still doesn't allow you to record wet and dry at the same time, which he said he wanted, and he doesn't need his Scarlett.

The other thing to note from the video is that you cannot monitor any other playback tracks through the speakers while reamping - so it's difficult to tell dynamically how your reamp sound will sit in the overall mix. You have to reamp, monitor the mix, guess on how to tweak the reamp tone, tweak it when done monitoring, ... repeat.


I'm not sure, but I think Line 6 Don's emphasized instruction to decease the hardware monitoring may allow you to monitor using headphones while reamping.

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