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Problem with Windows 10 and Microphone

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Hi, i can use my UX1 in cubase and record guitar, but i cant use the MIC in others software, for example like as Active Presenter for screen recorder or skype, becouse these not recognized my mic.


¿What i can do?


I trying removing UX1 device from windows and switching the USB cable but not working ..
I have change to 48000 16bits and nothing ..


Please i need help, becouse i need to record my course and i need to USE the Mic.


Thx a lot


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This is a BIG common problem. Some have managed to get it working, some haven't (myself being the latter). Apparently Line6 are working on some sort of resolve or driver now that Windows 10 is actually out. At the moment, it is just a bit of a waiting game. 

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What kind of USB ports do you have? I am a pretty big PC Tech noob, but the switching of USB ports didnt work on all of my ports.

It ONLY worked on certain usb ports and only if I disconnected the UX2 first and then switched to another USB port. Then afterwards, plug your device back in.

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