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  1. i,m just so sad, its been 10 days but it feels like a 100. still no fix.
  2. This doesnt work, I have already been there a week ago.
  3. Okay, I hope this will fix something, I don't know what to do beside waiting for a miracle, I tried everything over and over. All I want is green moving bars on my output :( Btw I tried your scan, it didn't find any errors.
  4. Haven't they release the service pack 1 a few days ago already? Called KB3081424.
  5. Spent another 2-3 hourse on fixing it, nope it won't work. everything worked so perfectly with Windows 8, I'm done. everything works except my Line 6 products.
  6. There is a new driver available, but you will be disappointed, it still doesnt work.
  7. I spent so many hours now fixing this, and it still doesn't work, I tried every single solution written here over and over. @syotani, your solution sounds super plausible but unfortunately the MIC still doesn't work. It worked for me for a couple of days by randomly switching USB ports but its broken again.
  8. As far as I know, there is no real solution to this problem yet, the new drivers didn't change anything.
  9. No dude, this is a different solution. This won't help him. He has a different issue, the issue that I had/have. I switched my USB ports and it worked for a while, but it doesn't work anymore for whatever reason. New drivers did nothing at all, still same issues.
  10. What kind of USB ports do you have? I am a pretty big PC Tech noob, but the switching of USB ports didnt work on all of my ports. It ONLY worked on certain usb ports and only if I disconnected the UX2 first and then switched to another USB port. Then afterwards, plug your device back in.
  11. I had the same Issue, try to do what i did. 1. Unplug your device 2. then unplug your usb from the pc 3. switch the usb port 4. plug the cable back into your device
  12. Haha ok cheers mate, and thanks for your help again. Atleast we can use the equipment now again somehow. :)
  13. Haha yes, definetly a temp fix. Just wondering about one thing, can you also not change your audio format on the recording device anymore after doing this? like changing to 48000Hz/16bi. The tab to change that doesn't exist anymore. ^^
  14. Omg, this actually worked. I unplugged the UX2 and then switched the USB slot. Now it actually works and I can use the Mic again. Thank you so much for your help. :) I can't believe that it was something simple like switching USB ports on my computer... I still hope that Line 6 releases a solid Windows 10 driver though.
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