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Good morning, 


I have a variax guitar JTV59 model since 3 years and I notice that the switch/pickup selector has a problem.


When I select down position I have no sound, I think it's broken. 


Pickup selector can be changed easily ? Does it need special assistance ? I'm in France and it's really difficult to find a Line6 specialize shop.


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1- It may be nothing more than a intermittent solder point. Have the authorized shop check that out.

If they are Line 6 authorized service, they will have access to service info, our service partners in the

region, who would in turn, can consult me,... if needed.


2- Unfortunately, Full Compass doesn't ship to the Euro. He would have to have a friend or other 3rd

party ship to him from the US. Or source the part there though our service partners.


3- 35-00-0321-1 is an un-populated, un-stuffed board (no parts on it, bare board) for a JTV-69.


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