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Just a question about the leds of the knob

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just get my variax today and hell yeah sounds pretty good


And the different tuning is just awesome


But :

is it normal that the led of the tuning knob is OFF, the led go ON when I turn the knob and after 1 sec go out?

The light of the knob for the models is always On



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Yes, this is normal behavior for the tuning LED to go off after a second or so. Does it on my 2 JTV's. The model knob LED is on at all times the modeling is active, and off when the mags are active.... I like to know when my models are on -- I set models on/off with different patches from my 500X with VDI cable between it and my JTV. I also set some patches on the 500X with alt tunings, but the alt tuning light does not come on with those...



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