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Cutting Through The Mix


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i am currently althe rhythm guitar player in my band and I am in search of a great classic clean tone. I am playing my podhd500 through my vintage music man 2x12. I love the clean tone of the amp, and am basically using the pod for effects. I am having the common problem of having a great bedroom tone, that comes off very thin with the whole band, and sometimes disappears all together. I'm looking for suggestions to keep my tone relatively in tact, that is still present with the whole band. Volume is not the simple fix because were blessed with a sound system and I am able to mic my amp. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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It's usually when you scoop the mids, sounds great on it's own but when you have high treble and bass these get absorbed by the cymbals, bass guitar, etc.


Then when you're on stage and you need the mids to cut through the highs and lows of the other instruments, where are they .... low on your settings so nobody can hear you.



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Whoever is on lead might be hogging all the frequencies.

What is the line up?

General not too broad  EQ boost of 6k Presence should have you cutting thru.

The lead can get a little narrow 4k treble boost. 

On your amp you cut the treble and increase the presence. The lead should cut the presence and boost the treble.

That'll fix it.

You have a perfect right to own 6k. cymbols are at 13k and above plenty. Vocal is at 9-11k depending if male or female with an 8k scoop against silibance 

That'l clean things up FOH

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May as well say it too.  Boost the mids but make sure you're not boosting the low muddy mids.  Also reduce treble and bass. 


Another thing is the bass player.  Sometimes they will stomp all over a guitar's frequencies.  Even if they are boosting their very low freqs it can still stomp all over you.  Sometimes getting the bass right will help more than anything. 

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