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  1. My last group had our guitar processors automatically change patches using MIDI from a DAW live. It was pretty much the same time delay as using the L6 floorboard.
  2. The SM7 is dynamic and needs a strong signal. I've found that I need to run the Vintage Pre (hot) and also use the LA-2A with a bunch of output (how much you compress is up to you). A gate at the front end doesn't hurt to tame noise if you get any.
  3. I play the violin using a MIDI keyboard and rewiring into Reason... Ha!
  4. Ahhhh, gotchya. I bet that would be a lot of fun to be able to plug and play with a violin.
  5. Scotty, no no no, I'm quite familiar with setting up signal paths and using plugs. That Studio British Devil is essentially a copy of what the Pod is doing, so I found it a bit strange (amp/cab/mic emulation) layered on top of it. Of course OD boosters are common! Here's my last band where I did all mix routing and plugs (excluding vocals): https://ofempiresofficial.bandcamp.com/ I started this thread because we did half of the mixing at a local studio and the other half on another band member's computer, with plugs I can't use (old, old laptop). So, I was simply looking for good freeware alternatives. Big Chas, definitely! I somehow was lucky enough to be offered PodFarm 2.5 FREE from L6 for doing a survey last week. Looking forward to checking out the SVT amp.
  6. Wait, you put another modeler on top of the already modeled signal? Doesn't that just make too much distortion, especially for multi-tracked rhythms? Distortion is compounding, so I try to track with fairly low distortion, even if it's a metal/rock track. I saw some YouTube videos on the Saturation Knob - looks pretty cool.
  7. For you guys doing home recordings, which plugs have you really liked for single tracked guitar or even guitar busses; no need to open discussion for drums, bass, 2 buss, etc. Recently, I found great results with the Antress Modern Console EQ on a slightly overdriven dual amp Fender patch. It really warmed up the track and brought out the highs in a clean manner. http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plugin=Analog_EQ&id=1175 Looking for other go-to's to try out. Thanks.
  8. I much preferred full models when using a 50/50 into an Avatar V30 4x12.
  9. Bah hahaha. Yes, I'm retarded. Definitely got the PSA mixed up with their bass drivers. My bad. Never tried their guitar preamps, but it was funny because I've been focusing on bass tones lately, and this triggered my bass-influenced response.
  10. They don't compare at all. The SansAmp driver is chunky and grindy, the Flip Top is warm and round. If you run on a DAW ever, try the freeware TSE BOD out for yourself as a comparison (it's quite accurate to the hardware).
  11. I can't get a comparable tone to a PSA. The closest has been with the (I believe, not at the unit) U47 mic (it's the last choice for the 15" cab). That tone gets the most "grindy" in comparison to the other mic choices. The bass amp they have has a great warm/round type of sound. Would be awesome if L6 would release an SVT model in an update, but that's a whole other topic. I know a lot of metal dudes will run a dual amp setup when recording and get more grit with, say, a 6505 rig or comparable. You could try one of the metal amps with a mid focus to concentrate on getting some of those mids to punch through in a parallel setup.
  12. I'm not a super user like the others mentioned, but if I set up a dual amp patch, I'll get the basic tone I want with one amp/cab/mic, mimic the amp settings for the second, and change the cab/mic option to find the complimentary tone (this usually means finding more body). Once the two work together nicely, I'll begin fine tuning and addressing the tonal nuances.
  13. I'd agree with the write-up. The biggest thing to me between the two units is this: ease of use. It took me AGES to dial in good tones with the Pod. With the Axe, it just happens. The EQs aren't convoluted and all of the effect parameters are straight forward and do just what you think they will. In a mix, can you tell the difference between my Pro and my buddy's Axe? No. But that's only because I spent so many grueling months making the two comparable and A/Bing patches between the two units.
  14. My group is putting out our debut EP next month which was self-produced and mastered by Joey Sturgis. I felt like I found a really cool use for a "stranger" L6 effect, and thought it'd be fun to post on here and see if you guys could pick it out. My choice for using it was inspired from the electronics within the bridge, which I included a section of as well at the end. https://soundcloud.com/of-empires-1/the-east-line-6-guess-the
  15. IEM = in ear monitor. What spaceatl is arguing is that he wants the natural mojo of a cab on stage pushing air. In my instance, my band would love to go with IEMs and do away with cabs/amps. It's much lighter, setup time is cut down, makes traveling easier, and we will have complete control over personal monitoring. But I'll agree, I currently am running my cab live for stage monitoring, as well as sending a stereo signal directly to FOH. I like having the cab and the tube, stereo, power amp. Ha. It's strange, but it does just "feel" better than when I play only through the PA.
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