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Possible to get detuned,Van Haleny tone in Helix?


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In my HD500, I used the Pitch Glide effect to get a slightly detuned tone -- think mid-period Van Halen, a slightly chorusy tone without the whoosh. The Pitch Glide had two 'zero' settings -- one in which the tone wasn't altered at all, and a second in which you got a detuned effect. After that, the actual note would change in increments of 0.1%.


I haven't been able to figure this out with the Helix. I wasn't able to find that second, detuned 'zero' setting in the Pitch Wham effect. Is there somewhere else to do this? 



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There's no micropitch, but try this:

  1. Add a Pitch Wham block. Helix automatically assigns it to the EXP Toe Switch, so you'll want to reassign it to a different footswitch (touch and hold the desired switch and press Knob 6 [OK]).
  2. Press MENU, Knob 2 (Controller Assign), turn Knob 2 (Controller) to "None," and press HOME. This unassigns EXP 1 completely.
  3. Set Knob 3 (Toe Pitch) to +1.
  4. Set Knob 1 (Position) to 51%. This is roughly 2 cents sharp.

You can also create a second Pitch Wham block (must be on a parallel path!), except set Knob 2 (Heel Pitch) to -1 and Knob 1 (Position) to 49%. This is roughly 2 cents flat.

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