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  1. This is Andy Summers asking. He's doing a pub tour in Wales these days and just can't nail that tone he had, back in the day. He's been trying pod's, Eleven rack, Pocketamp, Bias, Amplitube, Fractal, Kemper, and now....Helix. He's getting sooo close, but he just can't figure out how to multiply himself and do all the different parts and doubles. He also sold the guitar he used on the recording, but he managed to find the exact same guitar, but it was built one year later, so it has a tiny bit more treble. And then there's the guitar pick of course. He's pretty sure he used red sharkfins, but trying it today, it sounds closer with a white sharkfin. It's all very confusing to Andy. He called Sting, but he was of no help. Rather rude actually. If someone in this group knows Stewart Copeland, maybe he can share some light on this subject?
  2. Really? Another BS thread about this?
  3. Sounds good :-) Is there a patch somewhere?
  4. Hehe. With the exact same guitar and pickups, you can achieve this sounds pretty easily with an clean amp, add some chorus and delay, and 4-5 layered tracks. Like you can achieve any guitar sound:)
  5. Hm. As long as I stay away from old patches, I'm fine. But if I choose an old patch and use the snapshots, and go back to my new patches, it's back. Are you sure you are not doing the same? I'm sure they have a fix for it when the new year comes around. In the meantime the fix is easy and works...for me:)
  6. Agree. After using ownhammer, red wirez, 3sigma...you name it, I'm now back to the stock cabs because I find them easier to tweak, and in the end sounding better than 3rd party IR's. So, not sure what willjrock is doing, but he's doing something wrong.
  7. No-brainer. Easily achieved in the Helix as well. I have both. Well, that is, I got rid of the axe-fx, so I "had" both. One thing though....you might actually like the ambience coming from the microphones picking up the actual room, where they held the conference. That of course adds some life to the tone:)
  8. Not sure what you mean. An IR is a capture of a certain mic or combi of several mikes. So in order to choose "no mic", you just bypass the block.
  9. Yes, some people seem to get it. Not sure how they manage to provoke it, it doesn't happen to me. There's been some posts and a lot of discussion about it on the facebook page. Anyhow, Line6 is aware, so I'm sure it's a bug they'll fix shortly ;-)
  10. Not better....just different. And my simple answer to this thread is; No. I'm very happy with the reverbs :)
  11. Some like it as it is, some would like to have the icon removed/smaller. It's not a biggie, so no need to "count your blessings" and all that. It's a simple request, and probably very easy to fix in a future update. No one would ever be unsure if they are in snapshot mode or stompbox mode. Snaps would be named typically "clean", "solo" etc....and stomps would have "delay", chorus" etc. So I appreciate that someone brought it up.
  12. Didn't work for me. Too muddy. So still sticking to the Soldano here ;)
  13. Why would you want to loop more than 60 (120) secs? Typically you loop a 4 bar or 8 bar pattern, not a full song. Anything more than 60/120 secs is what I'd call extraordinary features, and then you buy an extern device for such a thing. Just like you would do if you want a really smart harmonizer or any other pedal that are made to do one thing only. Anyway, my 2 cents on this:)
  14. I don't think it's such a silly question. I remember I had in on my Axe-Fx. Great fun to play with. If it can be done on a Axe-Fx, someone should take the challenge to make one for Helix too ;-)
  15. Makes no difference to me. Single-coils or buckers....they sound like they should on the amp it's modeling:)
  16. Right, with a bad sound engineer it might make sense. I do about 100 gigs per year, mainly with one guy, sometimes a replacement engineer, but they're all top notch. I think of it as a real amp. Whether it's in the studio or live, the sound guy puts on one or two mices, and starts cutting where needed. Live, when I use my ultimate ears monitors and have flawless hifi sound in my ears, I like it to be full range. What the sound guy does to the sound at the foh is his thing. But that's just how I prefer it. My point is, saying as a rule no. 1(!) that you should remove everything under 100hz and over 5kHz, is kinda silly. Use your ears, and listen to the feedback from a good sound guy;)
  17. I disagree on many of these points. 1) I don't do any cutting/eq. I leave that to the sound engineer, so I can have a full range in my in-ear monitors....because I like it:) 2) XLR are just fine to me. 3) yeah...a lot of work. 4) That sucks. Mine is fine. 5) Agree. Tweak til you're happy. Obvious:) 6) Happened to me too. Make sure to update the updater, BEFORE doing a backup and updating the FW. Then it's fine. 7) Was it? Not to my understanding. It's designed just as much for straight into the FOH, 4CM or just direct into the poweramp of you head. Not just frfr.
  18. Fastway - "Say what you will" ;)
  19. Do you work for them? ;) Yeah, I listened. sure, sounds fine. But there are so many parameters to why a demo-video sounds great. Good playing, good people at adjusting the modelers, great modeler, great choice of amps, good guitar etc etc. So, in short....I think all demos sounds good :) I have a few ownhammer and redwire bundles, and I use one off the ownhammer wav's, but I have to say, I don't really enjoy buying a bundle with 6000 ir's and listen through them alle...not to talk about buying them all! So, well they sound good, but so does the IR's that comes with the helix :-)
  20. I seriously think Line 6 should find different numbers for their updates. We now have Line 6 updater at 1.04, the Helix app at 1.03 and the FW at 1.06. I can easily see why people find that confusing....
  21. Redwire og ownhammer seems to be the 2 leading ones.
  22. You mean a new one? It'll probably be released with the new FW. For now, it's only the simple one.
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