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POD XT Four cable method but sound comes and goes.

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Hi, I've been trying to use the four cable method with the pod xt and a 100watt head and cabinet Marshall, but i don't know what happens....... the sound comes and goes. I've checked the wires and the settings and everything seems to be OK.


If i use another method I've got no problems with the sound.


Anyone here knows what's the problem?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey, Assuming you are talking about the XT Pro, do you mean the sound increases and decreases on its own? Not when turning the loop on/off?


Just off hand, check the 4cm routing, is the clipping light on? guitar cables and possibly the amps fx loop jacks might need cleaning.  


Just guessing,



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Yep that's what I thought. You are just running it in the FX loop of the amp. Biggest problem is to keep the input level into the XT from clipping - XT Lives have a pad switch and IIRC the XTs can be set via Gearbox. Could be the cause, clipping excessively hits those units pretty hard.

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