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Hd500x And Toneport Ux8

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I am ready to upgrade to HD ... considering the PRO or the 500x. However - I have a ux8 that I use as my primary interface, and i love the recording flexibility of PF 2.5.


I assume I could run the Pod HD directly into the UX8 and continue to use the UX8 as my interface (but essentially run a dry signal through PF)


Do you think this will create any software conflicts (i would still want to use the USB off of the HD500X to get access to the editor)?


Will this create any latency problems?



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should work, I use a tascam us1800 and the pod hd desktop.

I feed the hd tone into my tascam analog and spdif.

i have the spdif set to dry, and enable 2 tracks.

this way i can stick with the hd modeling if it suits me or use PF2 later if i prefer.

the only potential conflict i would see would be midi if you are trying to realtime control PF2.. even that could be worked out though.

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