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DT 50 emulating Marshall?


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Hello! May be I'll buy a DT50, and the problem is that I can't try it first. So I was asking if anyone has a DT 50 COMBO if can post videos of that amp amulating a Marshall. I'm a big fan of Slash sound. What is your oppinion regarding this particular emulation?


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Straight out of the box, maybe not quite.  The "Marshall" emulation is actually a little lower gain that you might want for that particular sound.  However, if you have some low level midi skills you can unlock some of the higher gain amps that are in the amp and that alone should do it.


Add a POD HD and you definitely can.  With Helix coming out used POD prices are coming down.  You don't need a an "X" pod unless you use a LOT of effects or dual amps (things you probably don't need to capture Slash's sound) so that makes it even cheaper.


The DT amps all take pedals well and have an effects loop so there's that also.


My advice is keep an eye on Craigslist.  I think you can get a DT50 or 25 pretty cheap if you're patient.

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Thank you!

And what do you mean with unlock? Amp algorithms are already there but Line 6 locked them?

I'm buying a POD HD500X, do I need any special cable to connect them? Because I saw the back of the amp and the L6 link input is a different than regular cables

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