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  1. You can also try Revo Uninstaller ( / ). There is a free version that I have been using for years. You can also remove the Line 6 folder under Documents if you will never use it again.
  2. I got a custom cover from (based out of Quebec). If you call them, maybe they have amp head covers too (mine was a DT50 212). (450) 882-3537
  3. Yes. You only have to watch the DSP loading for some effects
  4. You may have to calibrate the Pedal
  5. Also, with DT Edit, you can load the A/B channels using the midi connected to your computer. Once disconnected or DT power off, it retains the settings until you change them (no need for Midi).
  6. Après avoir enregistré votre équipement (POD), utilisez Line 6 Monkey pour télécharger les drivers afin que votre POD soit reconnu par votre ordinateur.
  7. moogary


    "When you talk about front jacks ? you're talking about which kind of enters ? clean one, or crunch/overdrive enter ?" Oui
  8. moogary


    C'est vrai, vous devez inscrire pour pouvoir télécharger des sonneries à partir de la site CustomTone de Line 6.
  9. Thanks for your response. I was hoping to avoid micing since it can be noisy in my house :(
  10. I purchased IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage. It sounds great through the POD with headphones. However, when I try to record it using Reaper, it sounds thin and trebley. I also tried pulgging directly into the DAW via the micro USB port on the iRig (bypassing the POD) and have similar results. Anyone have luck recording classical guitar?
  11. There are 2 Long and McQuade dealers of Line 6 products in Ottawa.
  12. Also, I believe that the 5150 Panama amp is only in the separately purchased model pack.
  13. moogary

    WTF is this?

    Worn rubber all ground up ????
  14. Did you perform a Global Reset before creating your patches (as well as calibration)?
  15. Do you have the Line 6 Link connected?
  16. I believe that the Master volume was synced in DT 2.0 of the firmware. See the latest DT Manual
  17. I also believe that if you change any settings for a particular amp with MIDI (i.e., DT Edit), it will save the settings in the amp (even if you turn it off). If you load your favorite amp and settings into the A/B channels, the next time you turn on the DT, it will come up with the last settings set via MIDI.
  18. Try
  19. No, not really. Just a minor inconvenience so I never looked into it. You could try a different browser.
  20. I've been getting this message for a while now. Once you download the file (probably in your Downloads folder), just click the "Line 6 Drivers v4.2.7.6 Installer.exe" file to install it. After agreeing to the EULA, select your device (POD HD 500 in your case) and confirm the destination folder. Click Next followed by Finish and you are done!
  21. Will also check it out. I want something more than vinyl.Thx
  22. Can Anyone Recommend An Amp Cover For a DT50 212 Combo in North America. Already answered in UK.
  23. Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy a cover in Canada for my DT50 212?
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