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Midi numbering on Helix


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I have other processors already set up from 1-128. I want the Helix to control the rig the way it is.

Been using  Art X-15 controller for years with banks of 10 numbered 1 thru 10. Also have Kempers that I want to run with the Helix and all of the patches were configured using 1 thru 10. The Kemper has an option to run either 0-127 or 1-128 in order to be compatible with

different midi controllers. Just thought Helix should have that option as well to allow easier integration with different systems when used as a

master controller.

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Line 6 use a service called IdeaScale to keep track of feature requests. Line 6's page on IdeaScale is here:


Your best bet is to go to IdeaScale (create an account there if you don't have one) and


1) Check to see if anyone else has already proposed this; and if not

2) Create an "Idea" (feature request) for it there.


They have to decide how much programming time to invest in which ideas, based on how much effort it would take to add the feature vs. how many people want it. My educated guess is that this wouldn't need very much programming effort/time.

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