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Pod Farm 2.55 Studio Gx Logic X Os X 10.8.4 Major Crashes

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I am having a ton of crashes with this set up and OS X 10.8.4 (the latest). 


Anyone else having problems? POD Farm seem incredibly buggy. And the License Manager is a total pain. 


Line6, if you are listening, you really, really have to do a better job at Software UX and UI and your buying, installation, maintenance, and upgrade processes. 


Simple is harder, but way better. Remember your customer - they want to get back to playing and recording music as fast as possible. 


I have now spent hours fixing, installing, authorizing, restarting, and re-authrozing your software. Now it says my GX is not authorized and I can't find the Classics and Bass model packs I just bought. 


Insanely frustrating. 

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I case Line6 is listening, here is the really nice message I get when I try to authorize my Studio GX, which was already authorized, but now is not. 


"Code 800000002 Invalid Parameter." 


Nice and very user friendly. 

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