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Just got my HD150 stack and got a FBV for it.


Couple of things.


One using it live I was on the wah settings when to turn if off  and I guess I stepped to hard and the Pedal it self turned off?  WTF?  I also use a digitech which feels 100% better built.  I have used that for 5 years with no issues.   The LCD when blank etc.  I had to reset the amp to bring it back up.


Two.  Has anyone added a Expression pedal to the side for Volume?  If so what kind and how did it work.  I would be nice to have a Volume, and a Wah.



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I would agree that the FBV (assume you have a MK II - Express or SHortboard?) does feel a little 'cheap' compared to other pedals.  I have a massive old Morley WAH/Volume that weighs a few pounds and is solid as a rock.


Line 6 recommends using their Expression Pedal, I believe it is the EV-1.


I use my Morley on the input side, and can use it as volume or wah, and use the pedal on my FBV Express Mk II as the other.

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