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Variax 700 no output from digital and 1/4"


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I get no output from either the digital or 1/4" connections.

Upon opening the plate on the back of guitar I noticed a burn spot on the foil of the plate. Looking closely at the circuit board, I noticed what looks like a burned chip. Attached are a few photos. post-48847-0-83530600-1455744001_thumb.jpgpost-48847-0-48149000-1455744042_thumb.jpg

What is the best way to repair this guitar? Would I be able purchase a loaded board to swap out the bad board?

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700 electric, I've never used the XPS power wedge..

First I noticed the digital output stopped working through my HD500. I suspected the cable went bad so I continued using the 1/4" output (batteries).

A few weeks later the 1/4" output stopped working. That's when I opened the back and noticed the burn.

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"I've used the digital cable several times times with the batteries installed and never had a problem"---

It was something we always warned people not to do, back in the day when we made these (before I got here).

May be something in the Knowledge Base or some other corner of the Forum. Been a while since I saw it.

I've posted here on the Forum about this a few times in the past.


Power coming in thru one side of the circuit from the power wedge or floor effects, and power trying to come

into the circuit from the other way, can and does put stress on that very spot of the circuit in the photo. It's an

over-voltage build-up that stresses that corner of the circuit. 


Either battery, or XPS power wedge, or VDI,.... but never a combination of them together. I've posted on this

a few times in the past.


You might get away with leaving batteries in while connected to VDI, with a JTV or the new Variax Standard,

but I even do the 'one or the other' with JTV's and Standard's simply out of habit now. Just got into the habit

of doing it that way,... one or the other, not both.

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It blows the diode if you touch the battery on backwards.  This happened a lot to early Variax users.  The clips only clip on one way but they touch the wrong way too and if you are not looking, it's easy to try to connect it the wrong way.  I am very careful with my 500 when changing the battery pack.  By the way, I always run the VDI with the pack installed and I have never had a problem with it.

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Need a capacitor as well, the one on there is gone. And it's not the

same as the other diode there (D5).


That burn spot looks like it may have damaged a trace underneath.


As for the diode,... the guitar will need to be taken into an authorized service center.

Maybe the board can be repaired there. There is some specialty things to do to it

that an authorize tech will have to deal with (or at Line 6).


Maybe it's fixable, it's an older product, discontinued several years ago. 

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