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Hd500 Into Engl E840/50 Having To Use Fx Loop


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Right I have posted this before but to no avail so I'm going to try again.


Basically the only way I can get my POD to send a signal to my ENGL power amp is to go via the fx loop and stick a loop block at the end of the signal chain which is rather annoying as I like the use of the looping function.


I have sent it directly into a PA before via the 1/4" out without an issue but for some reason it is not working going into the ENGL so I have no clue what the problem is.

The output signal is set to power amp, 1/4" line out switch set to amp, guitar in set to normal.


My rough signal chain is (working) Guitar in>Vol pedal>Amp sim>Reverb etc>FX block>FX Send (out)>ENGL>Cab.


The way I want it to work is; Guitar in>Vol pedal>Amp sim>Reverb etc>1/4" out>ENGL>Cab.


Has anybody got any ideas? It's been months and I still can't find a solution.

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Hi Morrowind


Sorry you're having problems getting the Engl to work.


Have you tried the 1/4" out set to line rather than amp?  I think the amp setting is designed for going into the pre amp input of a guitar amp, and I have mine set to line when I play through the effects loop return of my peavy valve king, and it seems to work for me.


Good luck



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