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Using Variax 600 Tone Control As A Controller And Locking The Tone

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Hi Vax users,


I understand with JTV variaxes, it's possible to "lock" the guitar's tone within a patch on HD500, or whatever you use controlling presets for the variax, if you want to use the guitar's tone control for example to blend two amps in a dual amp patch. I have figured out how to do this, and am having some success.

Got a killer blend of Blackface Double and Class A-15 for REM's The One I Love, but my problem is this - I have the BF vol on the tone at max and the Class A vol on the tone at min, and mostly I can swing between the clean/dirty sweet spots, but when the guitar's tone drops into boxiness territory closer to min on the tone, the Class A sounds like lollipope.

Can I "lock" the guitar's tone on Variax 600 or can it only be done on the JTV?


Searching the forum has been fruitless, so any help would be greatly appreciated.



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