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Lincoln Brewster Parametric EQ help needed fast...


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Im sure this has been covered and beaten like a dead horse, but I don't own a pod hd500x any longer. However, playing in church twice a week necessitates that I get my tone near the Brewster-Ville for certain songs. Im the utility player, so I have to cover vast tonal space. So, considering that I use an EQ pedal, and not a built in style on a given preset, I was wondering if someone with a POD HD500X might hook me up with the specific Parametric EQ settings Linc uses. Right now Im using a cheapo JOYO JF-11 6 Channel EQ pedal. If anyone would be able to even give me some direction on setting that towards the Linc tone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Have a blessed day!


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You don't need an HD500X device in order to run the HD500X Edit program. Download and install it and run it offline. Load up the patches you want to see the detailed EQ settings he uses.

If you don't have his patches and are looking for someone who has them to help you out, that's a different story. I believe he sells his patches (could be wrong about this) though some are available for free.


EDIT: I see he offers a couple of free downloadable zip files presumably containing multiple HD500-compatible files. Don't know if others are for sale or not.

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The HD500x parametric EQs use percentage rather than showing frequency numbers.  this video should help:


Also I attached a file someone else prepared that shows the frequency for the percentages.


The EQ needed is, of course, going to vary on your guitar, your output device ( direct to PA? ), the amp model and overdrive pedal chosen.


In the Video Peter Hanmer goes through how to find the bad frequency range and notch it out using your ears and the parametric EQ.

Parametric EQ Frequency.pdf

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