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Microphone not detected on UX2

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I have the POD Farm UX2. Whenever I open pod farm and go to "mixer view" and choose "Mic 1", there is no sound or anything detected from it. I checked the license manager and everything is authorized on my UX2 and computer. Is there anything I missed or can do to fix it? It worked fine previously on an old computer, now on a new one it does not.


Everything worked fine previously on Windows 7, then after doing a fresh install for Windows 10 and downloading it, I am having issues.


Extra Info & Screenshots:

- Microphone being used: Audiotechnica AT2035 (I do have the +48V enabled)

- Yes, all my drivers are updated according to L6 Monkey

- Using Windows 10

- My UX2 is authorized in the license manager

- I tried multiple USB slots and reinstalls with the same issue.


Microphone not detected screenshot below


Thanks for the help


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