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JTV69 Dimarzio Area 51

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I replaced all 3 single coils in my 69S with the DiMarzio Paul Gilbert set of noiseless single coils and love them. This set includes some of the "Area" models, forget which ones specifically... They are more noise free than my humbucker guitars. I did the replacement about 3 years ago.



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Yeah, not too hard. I wimped out and did not solder the new leads directly to the 5 way switch though. I didn't want to mess with those solder points, and without disassembling  the switch from the faceplate, it would be awkward soldering.


I snipped the leads of the old PU's and spliced the new leads to the old, doing one PU at a time to keep everything straight. I slid heat shrink tubing up the leads beforehand and shrank them down after soldering the splices. The Paul Gilbert set had different models for bridge/middle/neck, so again I made sure to be careful with both getting the right PU in the right slot and keeping the polarities right for each.


All 3 of mine were single coils and mounted on the faceplate (69S), but looking at your avatar, looks like yours is a straight 69 with the HB bridge PU, so you'll only have 2 to do at most. Also looks like you already changed you bridge HB to a covered HB, so apparently you've been inside your 69 already.


There's a wiring diagram in the knowledge base section under Guitars/JTV, etc -- tried to paste a link here, but I've not been able to on this site for quite a while (I think IE 11 is the issue for me). anyway the diagrams helped me keep my head on straight. DiMarzio is good about documenting their stuff, and tells you which lead is hot and which is ground.


Like I said, my DiMarzio's on my 69S are more noise-free than my HB's on my 59, my Tele Deluxe, my Gretsch Country Gent, and my Epi LP....


Good luck!


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Brilliant Thanks Dave, I have 2 Area 61's on order :) look forward to getting those suckers in.  My HB has not been replaced its just a cover I popped over pickup. But have replaced a few pickups on my strats over time.



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