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  1. just took a screen grab lol... hassle but what ya gonna do!
  2. Hi Folks, Just updated to 2.0.1 , i exported the bundle thinking the IR's would be included but they were not. I have to go through all presets and try remember which IR I used etc coz i dont recall the order all my IR's were in. Am i missing something or will i need to do this each time there is an update? Thanks!
  3. Balls to the Wall baby!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!????
  4. Hey man. What two songs are they and can you share you patch. Would be great to let this community help troubleshoot and see if we can come up with some solutions
  5. Use Stereo XLR to Mic pre FOH panned LR (phantom turned off)
  6. My couple of cents is Owning XT Live, then HD500, then 500x and now Helix, its tricky to get the full picture from sound samples (except for the Cabs/IRS which are huge improvement) but i find it really in the feel while playing, its so much more immersive.I play straight to FOH and use IEMS and compared to the 500x i completely forget I am using a modeller when playing. :)
  7. LOL! not at all, its simple enough. I generally have no one to take vids while I am playing, maybe one day the missus will tag along and shoot some. maybe...... one day.......
  8. we were playing as a three piece with a drummer and bassist. Drummer had Macbook with SD2 running and running straight into the stereo RCA's on the L3t. If i was using trax i would use ipad or phone into the RCA's using an app like Bandhelper and something like the IK Multimedia Blueboard to switch tracks and start/stop. I am not sure if Helix will send midi over usb for ipad. If it does you can get a usb to lightning adapter and start/stop tracks as well as run tracks through the Helix.
  9. Have no real interest in the editor for now just the clock sync issues it was having when using it as an AI. been outta town but will update OSX and test it this weekend. Fingers crossed!
  10. Heya DI,,, do you have any news? thanks!
  11. had a great gig last week.. used Helix for my Guitar and Bass and had E-drums (connect to Superior Drummer) all running through 1 L3T and the sound was Killer! Seriously light rig with plenty of power!
  12. Brilliant Thanks Dave, I have 2 Area 61's on order :) look forward to getting those suckers in. My HB has not been replaced its just a cover I popped over pickup. But have replaced a few pickups on my strats over time. cheers!
  13. Excellent! Was it easy enough? No little sneaky bits I need to be aware (over and above regular pup replacement)
  14. This is a promising thread! I started one but no response. Just looking to replace my Korean JTV69 Neck/Middle pups... was looking at Area58 and the Seymour Duncan stacks.... You reckoan the Area 61 and 67 are the job? Looking to reduce hum and maintain my stratty tone... I use neck position alot..... middle position always sounds weak.... I like the humbucker that already in the JTV did you need to sway pots, add resistors or was it a straight swap like any other pickup swap?
  15. Nice one! have to agree, moved from hd500x to Helix and it was like a veil had been lifted :)
  16. Good idea :) i have an ipad attached to my mic stand which helps with time mid gig. you can log ideas here :
  17. Hello all! Anyone have any experience with the Area 58 in neck position. I am looking for a hum cancelling option for neck and middle position replacements.. any suggestions? thanks!
  18. In terms of hardware.. so its just the Magnetic PUPS and the Tuners that are upgraded with the US? or are the Saddle pups in the bridge upgraded as well?
  19. Brilliant! There were two gear heads in the audience who came up to me afterwards very curious as to what i was using. They were impressed :) they were saying they had just come from a venue where the guitarist was using a GT100 and it sounded terrible. Anyway I know there would be plenty of variables at play but it was nice to hear just after the first gig. Those scribble strips are such a life saver. Having only spend 2 weeks with the helix before the gig its easy to lose track of what pedals were set up for what patch. This was an issue for me with the HD500x :) Only bummer is ..... i usually connect the variax via VDI but decided to use the Relay G30 for a bit more freedom..... I hadnt used the JTV battery in many months, even tho it was fully charged it only lasted like two songs! I had to scramble to plug the vdi in mid song (just unlucky it was a tune that was using the acoustic setting) I'd say the battery was probably left drained for two long and has died... ah well.. will try full charge again all failing will pic up a replacement. the G3 receiver fits so snug in the Helix case it would be a shame not to use it (see pic) looking forward to two more gigs this week! rock on,,,
  20. One Wipe Charlies work a treat
  21. Got my case from Thomann today. Light, sturdy , has a bit of space for 'bits' in the front.
  22. I can barely cope with dealing with amp and guitar switching let alone thinking about momentary tuning switches!!!!!! LOL but do you think we could potential see this kind of functionality in the future? Seems like a logical option for Variax owners. cheers!
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