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Factory Reset urgent help please.....


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Hello, just done a factory re-set as I want to now work methodically with the 1500 after a day of pressing buttons and mucking around. However, during the factory reset, the LCD suggests I should identify and press various buttons I suspect to confirm what they are - but I don't know which button to press - has anybody any idea why factory reset is requesting this.......I am on latest firmware...

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Thank you - looks like the wrong instructions are in the Pilots Guide - I think you will need to change this asap.....


Evorgeloc is correct; the Pilots Guide does say something different from what L6Arne just mentioned:


Factory Reset


• Factory Reset: Simultaneously press and hold the Master Volume Knob and the *TAP as you power on the unit.


* should be 'small encoder' (which is the button between the bluetooth and tap buttons)

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