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Mobile POD update crash


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3 times deleting and reinstalling on the IPod and it still crashes. IPhone it opens but won't close out the app unless the IPhones restarted. red banner still on the home screen. If I wanted to have to keep deleting and reinstalling apps I'd of still been using an IKMultimedia product.

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Well listen to me here Tony Administrator. Instead of tinkering with Version 2 give us back access to install 1.7 on IOS9.

Version 2.0 of this app is truly truly awful. The GUI is a piece of sh*t, the tones sound horrible, all my legacy tones sound even worse and Customtone has disappeared. Just because that idiot Jonny Ives makes graphics that look like they were designed by pre-schoolers you dont have to as well.

Unless you fix this and fix it quick, if i have to spend money to get me back to where i was before this mess, this is the last Line6 product I'll ever buy - and I've got plenty.

Are your software developpers smoking somthing ? Do they have a clue what Joe Average guitar player wants from a piece of software like this ???

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