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Preset for Radiohead "Creep"


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Can anyone recommend a preset to play Creep by Radiohead please?


I want to try and play both parts so need a nice clean setting and then into a very dirty one.


I thought I was on to it with a dual amp/IR setup but I kept running out of DSP


any help would be greatly appreciated



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You def should not be running out of DSP.  Drop down to your B path if so. I think you are making some "improper"  block choices.


If you are just plugging the helix into your interface with 1 cable, thees no need to choose stereo anything for fx. If you are using 2 then stereo fx after cab blocks.


Dont put stereo distortion before amps. If you show a block diagram, im sure somebody can point out where you went wrong. Read the routing section in the manual.

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