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Jtv89f Blood Red lacquer -allergic reaction

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Anybody know what lacquer L6 use on the jtv's, especially the blood red import jtv89f.

From my collection of 30+ guitars, this one is worst sinner in regards to giving me a severe allergic reaction on my right forearm, where it's in contact with the guitar body... Most of the guitars makes me react over longer times of play, but with this one, my forearm is burning red after 5 minutes of play...

I'm considering a refinish and want to make sure I don't use the same lacquer.

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I sympathize with you, but you might as well be asking the NSA if they'd mind if you dropped by to "look around". Given that L6 refuses to divulge even the most innocuous of details about these things, I will drop dead of shock if anyone "official" volunteers this info.


Plus, there's no guarantee that they use the same stuff from one production run to the next, anyway. Places that produce batches of product on an assembly line are generally big fans of the "whatever was cheapest that month" brand of everything from lacquer to toilet paper...


On the bright side, if you do choose to refinish it, the odds of you randomly picking the exact same stuff is pretty close to zero...and if that does happen, start buying lotto tickets.

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