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How To Activate Footswitch?


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hi guys


I'm just struggling to use the foot pedal. For some reason whenever I use volume pedal it works perfectly and I use it heaps for volume swelling etc. But how do I make an FX block or Wah Effect connect to the foot pedal?


Help would be very much appreciated.


Thanks heaps.



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put the cursor on the FXblock, double click the MOVE button....use the first knob to select the parameter...enable the controller by setting it to pedal 2....set the mins and max how you want...This works the same for any FX parameter...IF all else fails, RTFM... ;)


BTW- you also have to set the ON/OFF...hold enter until you get the FS selection...push the toe switch...After you do it a couple of times, you will get under it.  B)

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Your question is unclear, but when I got my FBV MKii and connected it to my HD Pro, I spent the better part of two days trying to get the damn thing to calbrate using the methods described in the manual, but even more so, I could not get the wah to work with the foot pedal.  


I found out, I was not pushing hard enough. 


If you have the hd500, I am not sure if it is the same, but try pressing a little harder. It usually helps to stand and do it until you get the hang of it.


The FX Loop is for adding something into the chain outside of the Pod. 

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