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  1. DT25/50. With the correct tubes and bias, it's pretty damn hard to beat.
  2. Yes you can...but....you have to program it. Use the Line 6 FBV Control software to assign your buttons and pedals. It can be daunting. You may search around for someone else's patch file. I researched it quite a bit before finally settling on the line 6 board. The information is out there. Here is one: http://host.mtnsys.com:81/faq-fcb/How%20To%20Files/FCB1010%20Setup%20for%20Line6%20POD.doc and another: http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/gear-equipment/222539-pod-hd-pro-fcb1010-help.html and another: http://host.mtnsys.com:81/faq-fcb/IdiotsGuide.htm
  3. Can't you run a patch cable from FX Send to FX Return, assign the FX Block to the first position and when activated it gives a nice clean boost to the signal?
  4. Love your home studio/nursery. Thanks! It was very informative.
  5. The L2t has a 10" speaker and is about $880 at 800 watts..At $999 the L3t has 2 10" and 1400 watts.
  6. I picked up a POD X3 when they came out what seems like a hundred years ago. It was a great little device. I spent a lot of time tweaking and shaping my sounds. It was a great device...I loved it, it was really user friendly.. Then I demo'd the HD500 and did a lot of research before settling on the HD Pro. I knew that when I got it I would have to tweak it to my liking, although I underestimated the level I would need to go to. These are not twiddle a knob and suddenly Jimi. So I read and tweaked...and tweaked...and tweaked... This box has a great potential to give up a great tone...it takes time to get there, but when you do...man. I do not regret my decision one bit. After about 6 months I took her out and played live. I DI'ed into the board and it sounded great. I would say that the HD500/and HD pro are not for the casual user. While there are some limitations, you will be able to create a wide range of effects from this box.
  7. Your question is unclear, but when I got my FBV MKii and connected it to my HD Pro, I spent the better part of two days trying to get the damn thing to calbrate using the methods described in the manual, but even more so, I could not get the wah to work with the foot pedal. I found out, I was not pushing hard enough. If you have the hd500, I am not sure if it is the same, but try pressing a little harder. It usually helps to stand and do it until you get the hang of it. The FX Loop is for adding something into the chain outside of the Pod.
  8. Did you try a different CAT5 cable? Does it connect via USB? If so, try loading up the Line 6 FBV Control software and connecting your device. If it connects, then got to File-> Open->Load FVB Default. Try to connect again and see if that does not fix the issue.
  9. Check if the looper is set to post or pre.
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