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Pod Farm 2 Not Licensed



Recently bought a new laptop to replace an old one.  Have account established.  Pod Studio UX2 comes through on My Account and the Monkey, managed to install and download newest Pod Farm 1.  The monkey also downloaded PF 2.55 but when I try to run it a splash screen says it needs to be licensed.  When I bring up License Manager there's nothing there but my computer.  No software!  But PF 1 runs OK.  How can I register and license PF 2.55?




John Bowen


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Have you ever had a license for PF2.55?  Depending on when you bought POD Studio, it may have been a paid upgrade.


You might also want to make sure you are logging into License Manager with the same account that you registered PF 2.55 with (assuming you own it).  Some licensing follows that hardware, but most upgrade licensing follows your account.

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