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On my old x3 live I had a lovely little patch which had 2 amps, one would hold a pad and then I'd switch to the other and play over the top (bit like Gilmour doing shine on at the Albert hall)

I'm damned if I can work out how to do it on my helix! Maybe I'm just being lazy, but can anyone assist?


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If u would like a fantastic sounding patch, based on Gilmour's tone, WITH a sound on sound effect, check out Glenn Delaune's David Gilmour patch. It's available on his website for $4, along with many other great collections of patches. I've bought just about everything he's built and his stuff is top notch.

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Errr, no. Thanks, but I don't buy patches, but what I was after was some suggestion as to how I can do it myself. Sort of a start point; 'use this chain here, set up this switch like this to change to the other sound' sort of thing.

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The amp model designer at Line 6 showed me this cool trick for padding.  He used it at a trade show to have a forever looping mellow ambiance in our room when we put the guitar down.


Use a delay pedal and assign the Feedback parameter to a footswitch or an expression pedal.  Have the max value at 100% and trails ON.  The pad time will be determined by the delay time.


Using whatever control you set you, put the feedback to 100%, lay down the pad, and then turn the delay off. With trails set to ON, the pad will remain, but nothing else will be added back into it. Then you can freely switch amps and effects and play over it (provided its toward the end of your signal chain).  When you want the pad to die down turn the feedback back to its minimum setting.  Higher minimum settings will give you a more gradual fade out.


It obviously works best with digital delays that don't color each repeat.  


Try this to see how it works. you can copy/paste the pad delay effect into other patches too.  The one doing the pad part is the ping pong delay.



On a fun side note, try setting up the Time parameter to another controller to make glitchy time warp / DJ noises for the pad.

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