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  1. Cool, thank you :-) Can't find anyone showing them yet, but I'll keep checking...
  2. Awesome, well done Line 6. Now, when will they arrive over the pond?
  3. I know everyone's going crazy about the Archon, but this is my favourite of the new models so far, hardly touched a thing and it just feels and sounds fantastic. Really good job. Enjoying the Archon clean channel as well, will definitely be spending some time building some patches around these amps...
  4. Garhel

    Atomic Amplifire

    I use one as a backup to my Helix. The core tones are very good, effects are ok, drives not so good (although TS is decent), but for live use the 3 button approach is pretty limiting. I need more, so have ended up building it into a board with more effects and boost options, and it has worked out costing more to get what I need than i thought. In retrospect I'd have been better off with a GT100, saved a fortune, but for a backup rig would have been perfectly adequate. I've also found it to be less intuitive than the Helix to get tones I prefer, and I've spent a lot of time tweaking to get what I like - I still think it can sound a bit thin in a live mix, but I'm sure that is user error. Given the choice when I get in at night I almost always switch on the Helix, and i have found it hard to be inspired to spend the time with the Amplifire that it deserves. Hopefully this doesn't come across as overly negative - I've actually used the Atomic on a few gigs with a new band I joined, just to force myself to spend some time with it, and got compliments on the tone, and I'm growing to like it more - if you play in a classic rock band and just need a small handful of core sounds this will likely do a very good job.
  5. Might be a useful starting point...
  6. Garhel

    FRFR Options

    Thank you all for the input. Unfortunately the deal fell through, but I think I'm sold on the idea of the L6 L3T, just need to keep looking for one at a decent price. Busy run of gigs between now and end of year, which would raise enough, so could be a nice Xmas present to myself :-)
  7. Garhel

    FRFR Options

    Yes, I think so, I run the xlr output to the board at mic level, and the 1/4" out to the Alto at line, but I haven't checked that in a while! Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely check that tonight!
  8. Garhel

    FRFR Options

    Thanks - how come you changed from the CLRs? I need to look into the L6 link, bit of reading to do I think...
  9. Garhel

    FRFR Options

    Yes, I agree, but I was trying to nail it to specifics as much as I could - are people finding they are running out of volume with some of these options? And, yes of course some of the more subjective stuff, but only in as much as "these things are all good" or "the L6 version really is miles behind". Just seeking some opinions as I've done the YouTube vids, and they all sound great, I can't try them in real life as no-one stocks them, and I would be interested in real world experiences in a gigging environment, where some of the nuances that people perhaps value in the home or studio environment are lost.
  10. Garhel

    FRFR Options

    I have a chance to pick up an L3t for a good price. I use an Alto TS 212 for stage monitoring at the moment, so would expect this would be a step up in sound quality, as well as power. So my question is would I be missing anything compared to the likes of the CLR or Friedman? I'm pretty happy with my Alto, but feel like I'm sometimes pushing it pretty hard, so power is as important as sound quality. To be honest at stage volume, if the Line 6 is 99% of the quality of the others, but gives me versatility and headroom, that would be just fine! But if it is miles away sound wise then I'll give it a miss. Even though it's a good deal, they're still not exactly giving it away for free!!!
  11. Bit trainspotterish I know, but I'm sure the guitar player with Barry Gibb last night on the "Later... with Jules Holland" show on BBC2 was Helixed up and sounding great. Check out the show opener and closer for best view - only really tuned in to catch Savages, this particular song is not my sort of music, but guitar sounded good. Don't know what's wrong with me - everytime I watch a live music show, I seem to be drawn to what gear the guitarist is using. Must remind myself not to be so sad!
  12. I've found quite a few really good ones on there, and it sometimes helps to see how others have approached getting a particular tone, even if I just end up using one or two ideas for my own patches. I probably delete more than half after a few seconds, but doesn't mean it's crap, just not what I'm looking for, or maybe it just doesn't work with my guitar, speaker and fingers. From a community point of view I think it's good that people are prepared to share stuff (and the only cost is a few minutes of your time), and I would imagine if your new to this stuff it could be quite valuable to pick a few of the top rated stuff to get some ideas. Why don't you put some of your stuff up anyway? Tne routing stuff wouldn't matter if your core tone was great...
  13. From your list above I'm assuming that means the L6 Ex-1 will also work?
  14. Yes, I only get pitch issues when I go a bit too far really, so limiting the upper mix value might solve my heavy footedness! I messed around with different pitch values, and 12 didn't sound quite far enough. I settled on 19 as it seemed to give the right sound, but I'll definitely give the phaser idea a go. Thanks for the input...
  15. Hello all Just messing around this evening trying to simulate feedback with the pitch effect. It works quite well, but a few times it definitely sounds a bit odd when it catches the tracking out - any ideas to make it better?
  16. Xlr at Mic level to mixing desk, 1/4 out at line level to my Alto monitor. Volume control only affects 1/4 out, my out front volume controlled from the desk...
  17. Garhel


    After every gig mine gets a wipe down and clean before it goes back into its case, just to get rid of dust and sweat. Just back from an outdoor pub garden gig, and had a dog come straight through the middle of us and left a nice muddy paw print! Wiped straight off.
  18. I have 4 general presets :- - DIY, which is a sort of do it all thing with 8 snaps for variations of clean, crunch, rhythm, and lead, probably covers over half a normal set - Classic Rock, sort of what it says on the tin! Snaps similar to above - Fuzztastic, which has a couple of snaps for rhythm tones, and then varieties of Fuzz for different songs. Probably only used for 3 or 4 songs - Funky, similar to DIY, but with a couple of snaps with particular effects for songs (intro to Superstition for example). Again, fairly self explanatory I guess! Then I have a few song specific presets, usually just with snaps for Intro, Verse, Chorus, Middle, Solo etc... Everything is set up so clean, crunch, rhythm is on the same switch on each preset to try and make it as foolproof as I can. Works well for me and the way my brain works...
  19. I know what you mean about the Orange - even on my real one I have virtually no Bass to tame the flub. On the Helix I use a cut on the cab at about 100Hz, which seems to sort it, but you could also knock back the sag a little if you need it tighter...
  20. Not sure it helps, but the Badger is EL34 based, with ax7s I believe, as are most Plexi style Marshalls and Orange Rockerverbs. The 34s give a bit of mid range push, and tame the highs a little, so playing around with these amps and eq'ing might get you close to the creamy overdrive sound. In the real amp world, I find the Orange head I have to be more naturally creamy. I don't have a Plexi, but have used them, and my memory of them is they are more naturally bright, but that was some time ago so I might be a bit off!
  21. No particular functionality changes for my wish list, with snapshots it's just about perfect for what I need. Something like a Lonestar Special would be cool, just for the brilliant clean channel, or something boutique-y like a Lazy J. I know they're based on old Fenders, but they seem to have nailed the best examples of them. Effects wise an auto wah would be cool, not missing anything on the delays or verbs, but never say no to more good stuff, maybe a phase 45 script model, which I prefer to the 90. All with instant gratification built in!!! :-)
  22. Yep, me too. Not finding anything missing at all, but I don't use huge washes of ambient effects. I even find the room verb to be perfectly adequate when I just want to add a subtle shimmer to a tone to give it some life...
  23. Garhel

    Sound on sound

    This might help, and is free...
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