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Loading Impulse Response


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Need help loading an IR in my Helix Editor.  I found a ton of Acoustic IRs here and loaded the J45 Neumann M147. I tried to follow some directions here but got hung up. Heres where I am.


I created a User Preset named Variax Acoustic in my Helix Editor which is empty - no amp - no EQ - image below. And then loaded the IR to the 1'st slot in the Impulses tab - image below. Then I pulled up my Variax Workbench and pull up the J45 for example. The directions I listed above seemed to tell me that I needed to drag the loaded IR to my Acoustic Preset in the Helix Editor.  I am quite positive that the IR is not being activated in any way. I can here the Variax and the Model I chose. I am not getting any response from the IR. Not sure what to do next. Advise please.


Acoustic Setting



Impulse Response Page










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try this preset with your Variax and see what that Para EQ dose... it is good I can't remember where I got the settings for it but the guy was using the settings for recording an acoustic in PT I made a preset before getting my JTV-89F and it used this and an ir of a taylor and some other stuff so I started to modify it with my Variax and noticed that the Para EQ was awesome on my Variax


oh and you change or blend the two paths with EXP 2 and EXP 3 is a volume peddle for both paths...


2:28 on Saturday I updated that preset so that the snapshots work as I didn't know how to get them working before and the normal brite and the mid boost are for the variax mags and the 12 string snapshot changes the acoustic model on the variax

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